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Team: 6.5

Feasibility: 6.1

Product: 6.1

Overall Rating: 6.23

Short Description: Monetizr is a blockchain-based Game Reward Engine.

Category: Infrastructure

Category: Tokens Cryptocurrency



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We help game developers to monetize their games by mining crypto currencies as gamers are playing the games. We reward gamers for time and skill with tokens that can be exchanged to real-life valuable goods.

BACKGROUND. Founders built mobile apps used by millions of users, but struggled with the monetization. By crossing merch and cryptocurrency experience, founders created a patent-pending technology that drives retention & revenue for mobile game developers.

OPPORTUNITY. Gaming is a massive $100B industry with over 2B gamers spending $40B on digital currencies that are lacking real-life value. Monetizr enables the exchange of time and skills to tokens that represent real value. Game currencies are 27x bigger market than crypto.

PRODUCT. Monetizr has created a game reward engine that places behavioral incentives along the game-play focusing on player first experience. Gamers are rewarded for their time and skill with tokens that can be exchanged to physical goods or cryptocurrencies, helping to drive engagement and revenue for game developer.


★ Gamers - enhanced experience and cross-game portability of value

★ Developers - increased engagement, retention, and revenue

★ Brands - better targeting, engagement, and revenue.


50% Product Development30% Marketing/Sales10% Operation/Inventory10% Legal/Other


Monetizr is a Techstars and Y Combinator Startup School alumni working with 30+ top game studios reaching 10 million monthly active users and growing. Game developers using Monetizr have seen increase of revenues and engagement. We’ve been growing across our key metrics 30% MoM, shipping products to 50 countries. Monetizr is announced as the most innovative company in Georgia.


Monetizr launches a globally regulated security token offering. Existing technology is updated with a utility token. Game Developers are qualified and rewarded with 20% utility tokens from total pool for using Monetizr’s reward engine. Gamers are playing and earning tokens for time and skill and can exchange tokens for products. Monetizr mines cryptocurrencies and earning profits from transactions.

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