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Team: 9

Feasibility: 8

Product: 9

Overall Rating: 8.67


January 1, 2019 - September 1, 2019

Sale Type: IEO

Name: Mindsync

Short Description: An AI marketplace for customers, developers and experts

Category: Artificial Intelligence

Ticker: $MAI

Total Token Supply: 1,000,000,000

Website: https://mindsync.ai/

Whitepaper: https://mindsync.ai/docs/whitepaper.pdf

Tokens Available: 50%

KYC/AML Required: yes

Whitelist Required: yes

Accepted Currencies:

  • Other
  • $USD
  • Major coins and 120 alt coins

Notes: Price: 0.14 USD, Hard cap: 70,000,000 MAI, Soft cap: 30,000,000 MAI

  • Presents businesses with a wider range of services at lower cost
  • Fills a market niche for supplying emerging tech services
  • Challenges are crowd-sourced to find best expert for any task
  • Hosts solutions on the platform, accessible via API
  • Team is well-established in fields of AI and software development

MindSync (MAI) is a platform and marketplace for machine-learning competitions to help solve business tasks. MindSync is an AIaaS (AI-as-a-Service) and ExaaS (Expert-as-a-Service) platform.

Businesses that require AI services can use the platform to find solutions in the form of competitions within the community, rewarding community members while also helping businesses find cheaper and more specialized solutions.

Presents businesses with a wider range of specialized services at lower cost

On MindSync's platform, businesses post their AI solution needs and the community of experts competes to meet the businesses's demands. MindSync allows developers to host solutions on the platform, allowing for a more seamless integration process.

AI is an emerging technology and the community of experts is highly dispersed; MindSync gives businesses a larger pool for finding the most ideal expert for any job, at lower cost, while benefiting the entire ecosystem.

Every member of the platform has a track record and verified rating, with the option to also require KYC verification. This process serves to make interactions between experts and customers more trusted and transparent. MindSync will implement DAOs as part of its business model.

Crowd-sourced challenges help find the best expert for the job

The general mechanism for competitions is as follows:

  1. Terms and metrics are determined and data for training is given to participants
  2. Participants optimize the metric in the framework of contest
  3. Final assessment of the ML models take place
  4. Winners are awarded in proportion to contribution
  5. Solutions are documented and become knowledge of community
  6. All participants receive ratings
  7. The model is published on platform market

Major companies, including Netflix, have proven that crowd-sourcing solutions to match with the best experts can be extremely effective.

$MAI Token Sale Model and Details

The MindSync token is designed to access AI solutions and reward participants. The token is an ERC-20 utility token with limited issue. We would have liked to see more information about tokenomics, the team's roadmap and more in-depth token use cases.

Team is established in AI and software development fields

CEO Konstantin Bogolepov was previously CTO at Kenoma Financial Ltd., a company that developed robots based on neural networks with human behavior simulation. Also prior to MindSync, Bogolepov was CEO of Cortex Lab LLP, an AI R&D firm. CTO and Cofounder Dmitry Timoshenko has served as a senior software developer at several tech companies, including JetGames, Gamekeeper Technologies, Endorphina and Unicum.

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