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Short Description: We are planning to initiate a system of comprehensive services that will gather in one place innovative and, until this moment, unused areas of the cryptocurrencies’ market in order to enable their use in everyday life.

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Within a few platforms connected into one system, you will be able to: - sell goods and services in cryptocurrencies - automate the trading processes - use the dedicated software - exchange cryptocurrencies - use legal/tax and bookkeeping/accounting counseling. Ecosystem will, as a target, function within the platform that will connect many applications, enabling non-transfer currency operations in a single clients database. This type of activity will allow for using fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies for everyday shopping and payments without the additional need to transfer them between the wallets of a given currency. The funds paid in by a user will be available from the level of every application and may serve for purchasing other currencies, goods and services, trading with other users, automation of trading on different exchanges as well as gaining access to legal, bookkeeping and expert counseling and analyses. Each of the applications available on the platform will allow for different use of the currencies in the wallet. A team of experts with many years of experience in software and cryptocurrencies will take care of developing the functionalities and the highest security of the users. At any time, the user will be able to pay inadditional funds or withdraw them to their private cryptocurrency wallet or bank account AT. Systems trading bot 1.0 According to the assumptions, automated trading will be available thanks to SaaS software that enables to trade on the biggest cryptocurrencies exchanges: Poloniex, Binance, Bittrex. The users will be able to automate the orders to exchange cryptocurrencies or to use the assistance of professional traders. Using the software will enable to make transactions according to the conditions set by the user. As opposed to other solutions of similar type, our software does not require any service fees, the fee for using our software is the commission from transactions.Bot also does not require any supervision. The software is fully transparent. Each transaction can be tracked on the exchange to be 100% sure it has really been made. The user also has the possibility to set simple trading parameters that external exchanges often do not have, e.g. STOP LOSS and TAKE PROFIT mechanisms both set at a given position simultaneously .OneMillionShop Current use of cryptocurrencies for trading on exchanges does not allow their prices to stabilize and be used in payments for services and goods. A big number of transactions necessary to purchase any good or service cause multiple fees and, as a result, increase in the price of the good being purchased. Million Coin gathers the companies form the fields of software, cryptocurrencies, marketing, bookkeeping and law, which together form a platform allowing to use cryptocurrencies in everyday life and eliminate the above mentioned problems.The platform will allow its users to easily exchange fiat money and cryptocurrencies, transfer them to third parties without additional transfers, purchase and sell goods and services as well as broaden the knowledge in technological, legal and bookkeeping fields, connected with the cryptocurrencies market. All of this will take place without additional transaction fees between the wallets, within one platform where the users will decide for themselves which currency to use for settling their transactions. The users will obviously have full access to their funds at any time. The users will also be able to get assistance of the experts on law and bookkeeping who will provide necessary legislative information needed for tax settlements in a given country.

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