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Short Description: The holder of the token is entitled to receive dividends according to the number of tokens belonging to it.

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At the same time, the payment of such dividends will be made by the company monthly from 50% of the company's profit from crediting customers through the McCoin currency system (the McCorp.Trust project) received as a result of the turnover of funds raised during the Crowdsale. The rapid development of McCain CORP is a key challenge that we set ourselves. McCoin comes from a really working business, which is a huge advantage for the Investor.Investors investing in the development of our company get tokens (McCoin), the subsequent value of which is directly related to the rates of other crypto-currencies on exchanges.90% of the funds raised over the Crowdsale period will be used to increase the company's financial performance. When the collection amount reaches $ 2.500.000 - $ 3.500.000, McCain CORP plans to carry out transactions to invest new companies and introduce them into the McCain CORP subsidiary status, in order to increase capitalization and rapidly scale to new markets. With this strategy, there may be additional tokens (fork McCoin), which will have an exit immediately to several exchanges, which will increase the company's revenue and its growth rate. Upon completion of Crowdsale, the McCoin token will be traded on several popular exchanges in different currency pairs. Technical negotiations with 3 stock exchanges are already underway.Forecasts for the growth of the McCoin price:

• Growth in the price of the crypto currency used for lending.

• Growth in Demand for a Digital Credit Service with Fiat and Crypto Currencies.

• Increase in the number of McCain CORP clients, development of the company and its subsidiaries.• Demand for buying and selling McCoin on exchanges.

• McCoin's reinforcement with forex crypto-loans of affiliated subsidiaries.

Details of McCoin: McCoin grants the right to participate in the company's profits from lending customers to the McCoin currency system. All holders of McCoin are entitled to receive dividends in accordance with the number of McCoins. 50% of the company's profit from lending, in the amount of the fund's used funds, will be distributed among holders of all sold McCoins on the basis of sales. McCoin presents a unique business model in the crypto world, which enables investors to increase their crypto-capital while being confident of the security of their investments. The ERC20 standard makes assets easily interchangeable and ensures that they can work with Dapps that adhere to the same standard. The cost of McCoin at the stage of sale as part of Crowdsale 1 McCoin = 0.1 USD

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