Massive Online Gambling (MOG)

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Team: 6.3

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Overall Rating: 6.3

Short Description: Massive Online Gambling (MOG) B.V., hereafter referred to as MOG, is fully licensed and regulated to offer gambling by the laws of Curacao under the Curacao Gaming Authority license number 1668/JAZ.

Category: Casino & Gambling

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The company obtained its license in November 2016 and launched its first game December 2016 under the brand Explosive Gambling. The vision of MOG is to transform the online gambling industry by introducing a totally new gambling concept. We want to offer 100% transparent and fair gambling based on Blockchain. Due to transparency, the payouts will be higher than on any other platform. The ‘house’ takes a fixed fee per game; we also charge a fee for marketing, the rest stay in the prize pool and will be paid back to the players for each round played. There is also always a winner in our games. Our concept is built around the ‘power of many’. The more people who play the better and more rewarding our games become. But contrary to most other games, our games don’t necessarily become any harder to win as the number of players grows bigger. Traditional lotteries are a good example, the more tickets sold, the worse the odds become. But this is not the case with our lottery, Lotto Poker, where the odds are a maximum of 1:100 000, no matter how many players participate. With a vision to create a fair and transparent gambling business, where the player’s interest comes first, it was a natural step to add blockchain and to use token issuance as a fundraising tool to enable MOG to change the online gambling world.20 million tokens to be issued, 15 million available for the campaign.Tokens will be built on the Ethereum platform, ERC20 compliant. Tokens will generate rewards to holders based on company’s revenue - 10% of company’s revenue will be paid to token holders quarterly, from January 2019. The revenue from entire 2018 will be distributed in January 2019. Token holders will be awarded tickets in MOG Jackpot draws. Our token sale will be held according to the following schedule:

Start date - January 19th, 2018

End date - March 31st, 2018 (earlier if all tokens have been sold)Start od development phase - March 2018. Minimum funding goal for ICO (Soft cap) - none, we are a fully-operational company.

Maximum funding goal for ICO (Hard cap) - 7.5 million Euro


Initial price per MOG coin - 0.5 Euro

Token will be listed for public trading on exchanges, middle of 2018.

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