Lumeos (LUME) Token Sale

Our Analysis

Team: 9.8

Feasibility: 10

Product: 10

Overall Rating: 9.93

Private Pre-sale

End Date: 03/31/2019


Lumeos (LUME) Token Sale

Lumeos is a patent-pending data-privacy layer — built on top of the EOS blockchain — that allows users to encrypt their personal metadata and monetize as they see fit.

According to the team, they have already built the fastest-growing survey platform on the blockchain. Their iPhone and Android decentralized apps, built on top of Lumeos’ privacy protocol, enable thousands of users to make passive income in LUME tokens by simply answering Twitter-style polls.

Additionally, they’ve already on-boarded several paying crypto companies to run their market and product research surveys against the Lumeos user base; more than 20 clients are expected by Q4 2018.

The Lumeos mainnet is under development.


Every day, millions of people share their personal data across the web without being able to control it. For a price, third-party buyers and sellers worldwide can have access to this private information, and the public doesn’t get to choose who shares their data nor how much of it is shared.

Lumeos allows and empowers people to take full control of their data with a robust protocol backing an open-data marketplace with individual buyers, sellers, and viewers, exchanging information on a p2p basis.

Market Position & Potential

The project’s mission is clearly outlined, timely and technologically superior to others in this space. Additionally, Lumeos’ launch is poised to address several pressing concerns that are gaining ground in public conversation, including:

  • privacy concerns on social networks
  • peak media usage
  • control over one’s personal data:
    • distrust of centralized data centers (eg, Google)
    • animosity toward for-profit data brokers

By timing their launch to the erosion of trust between consumers and tech giants, Lumeos has the potential to revolutionize data-collection, -storage and -sharing. It’s reasonable to expect that the public will be receptive to Lumeos as a solution to these growing problems.

But inviting the public to participate in the protection of their personal data isn’t enough. Lumeos goes one step further by making collection, storage and sharing convenient and user-friendly. Key features:

  • users need not worry about exposing personally identifiable information (PII) through redundant data entry methods
  • users decide what information to share — when and with whom
  • users can monetize their data by offering complete access to their PPI or restricting access to anonymized data sets, or somewhere in between


Lumeos’s core team has experience at some of the biggest companies in tech, including Google, Microsoft, Civic, Bloomberg and IBM. Their backgrounds include cloud computing, blockchain, and developing crypto trading software.

Members of the Lumeos advisory board have worked on several high-profile blockchain projects, including Civic, LibertyBlock and Everipedia.

Roadmap & Projections

The Lumeos team is rolling out their platform incrementally, to select audiences, over a period of five years. This is shrewd move that allows them to address user concerns as new features are built.

Lumeos is expected to be available to the general public in Phase 4 — scheduled for May, 2019. By Phase 5 — January, 2020 — Lumeos is expected to be self-sustaining.

The online survey market — which represents a portion of Lumeos’ addressable market — is worth an estimated $4 billion.

Token Sale

Lumeos is conducting a private sale.

Initially, accredited investors will receive equity that can be converted to $LUME tokens at a later date.

When the public platform launches — and $LUME proves its utility — tokens will be available for sale on public exchanges.

  • Total tokens: 1,000,000,000
  • Breakdown:
    • private sale – 30%
    • company funds – 30%
    • founders and advisors – 20%
    • airdrops – 10%
    • referrals and incentives – 10%

A vesting schedule is available for review by accredited investors.

Lumeos has already secured several investments for its seed round, including EOS42.


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