Ludos Protocol (LUD) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform

Our Analysis

Team: 7

Feasibility: 6.5


Overall Rating: 6.75

Short Description: A decentralized gaming economy

Category: Gaming

Category: Tokens Cryptocurrency

Category: Tourism

Ticker: $LUD



Address shortcomings in the existing gaming landscape

  • Allows games to run on their own blockchain
  • Permits developers & gamers to crowdfund together

Ludos Protocol (LUD) is a blockchain project for the gaming community with a main chain and sidechain architecture that allows games to run on their own blockchain, ideally preventing scalability issues, according to the team. Ludos Protocol also creates an ecosystem where gamers and game developers can join together to crowdfund and build the platform. LUD tokens can be used within the game as well as in select stores in Japan.

Ludos Protocol Token Model & ICO Details

  • Total tokens: 10,000,000,000 LUD
  • Price: fluctuates

Ludos Protocol's ICO begins on 11/3/19 and the ending date is TBA.

For more information on Ludos Protocol's ($LUD) ICO & token sale details, download whitepaper pdf here.

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