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Lucyd is building the world's first blockchain-fueled smartglasses. We are combining our 13 exclusive optics patents, our team of renowned AR experts, and Ethereum technology.

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2017-11-01 - 2018-02-28
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Lucyd ICO

Due to the recent growth of Augmented Reality technologies, experts have predicted that the AR market will grow to $36.4 billion in few years. The AR/VR industry is exploding and gaining mainstream adoption. One of the driving factors behind this explosion is the availability of hands-free AR devices that perform the job of a personal computer.

Lucyd ICO is the company behind the new device – “pair of smartglasses” – called lucyd smartglasses. Lucyd is the first company to produce the world’s lens glasses – powered by blockchain. In other words, lucyd smartglasses are designed as a peripheral device to combines the idea of Smartphone and virtual viewing into a single device.

Lucyd smartglasses will be supported by an operating system that optimizes Smartphone apps in an AR interface.

The lucyd glasses is user-friendly, and can view object miles apart (has excellent vision). The Lucyd ICO company goal is to build smart glasses based on 13 exclusively–licensed AR patents.

The smartglasses are compacted, lightweight, with perfect virtual object integration. There are other excellent features in the lucyd ICO smartglasses such as an ocular cursor, and eye tracking, and the capacity to use traditional lenses.

In simple terms, the smart glasses are user-friendly for non-technical people. By using the lucyd lens, you will be able to experience your favorite apps like never before.

How do Lucy ICO Lens smartglasses work?

The Lucyd lens smartglasses utilizes the blockchain technology – which allows content creators to develop and distribute content among users. Lucyd’s official utility token (LCD token) will power the glasses. The LCD token helps to improve organic content creation with the principal aim of using content developed to authorize the world’s first ever AR-driven blockchain.

The smartglasses relies on your Smartphone for processing power. It works because AR controls finger tracking and voice control. Smart glasses are just like regular glasses with an impressive 120 degree enhanced field view.

Lucyd lens features

Lucyd has done a great job to implement the following features into their smartglasses: Built-in front camera, smart power, advanced eye tracking, wireless charging, corrective lenses ready, integrated microphone and earphones.

The smart power turns the device on and off just by folding and unfolding – no buttons, wires or switches.

The built-in camera allows for excellent HD image and video capture. The bone –conduction earphones are built in for voice control and calls.

The lucyd lens smartglasses offers advanced eye tracking capabilities for visions methods. The lens is also corrective ready for extended usage. The wireless charging allows you to charge it anywhere. It is also Bluetooth enabled.

The Lucyd token sale

The lucyd lab AR blockchain is power-driven by LCD tokens. LCD tokens powers the LCD platform community. The LCD tokens are spendable on AR hardware, apps and media. The first 500 pairs will be sold to lucyd token holders.


The AR revolution was held back because no one has ever developed a comfortable smartglasses for users. Today, Lucyd has licensed 13 innovative AR patents and put together a team of global leaders to build the first lightweight, ready smartglasses.

So Let the AR Revolution begins!

Token Symbol: LCD

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