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Team: 6.5

Feasibility: 6.1

Product: 6.1

Overall Rating: 6.23

Short Description: LovarArtificial Intelligence Investment Platform

Category: Investment

Category: Tokens Cryptocurrency

Website: https://lovar.io

Whitepaper: https://lovar.io/lovar_white_paper_v1.0.pdf

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Lovar aims to compete with and overtake banks as the preferred provider of investment solutions.


Lovar is a community involved, blockchain-based protocol that provides an innovative platform for investing in artificial intelligence. We operate by employing a machine-learning artificial intelligence system that trades on major exchanges to earn profit and reward Lovar investors. Currently, we offer four overarching investment solutions including term deposits, sell over time, internal exchange, and external exchange. Investors earn choose to deposit and earn up to 1.5% daily interest, sell at 25%


Founded in 2017, Lovar began with a principle goal of advancing trading through the development of artificial intelligence. After continued trading success, Lovar has formed a strong foundation to expand and open investment solutions to the public market. Unlike most investment platforms, Lovar deliver a functioning AI bot and trading experience prior to opening the initial coin offering. Our unique position allows us to generate interest immediately after ICO to develop a substantial safety net before launching investment solutions.


LovarAI is an automated machine-learning trading system developed in early 2017. Our AI employs an advanced network of algorithms and services to trade across cryptocurrency markets. Major features include Global Compatibility, Arbitrage Trading, KeyCap, DeepMind, and Machine-Learning.


- ERC-20 token

- Promotional interest rates- functioning prototype

- Deposit and earn up to 1.5% interest

- Multi-currency wallet

- Trade on an Internal and external exchange

- Sell over time & earn 25% more than external exchange

- Community polls

- 5% referral program

- Monitor AI analytics in real time


The ICO begins on the 14th of June and will run in rounds.

Round 1 - $0.80 USD per token (1,000,000 LVA available)

Round 2 - $0.90 USD per token (500,000 LVA available)

Round 3 - $1.00 USD per token (600,000 LVA available)

Round 4 - $1.20 USD per token (700,000 LVA available)

Round 5 - $1.40 USD per token (800,000 LVA available)

Round 6 - $1.60 USD per token (900,000 LVA available)

Round 7 - $1.70 USD per token (1,000,000 LVA available)

Round 8 - $1.80 USD per token (2,000,000 LVA available)

A maximum of 3000 LVA per round and an unlimited amount on round 8 may be purchased

All unsold tokens will be burned after the ICO concludes.

Register here: https://lovar.io/register

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