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World's first blockchain based film and TV rights funding and distribution platform

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2018-01-31 - 2018-04-01
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LiveTree ADEPT is the world’s first blockchain film & TV rights funding and distribution platform, built on a proven business that captured 5% of the UK’s share of the $1bn film & crowdfunding market in 2017.

Seed is our token that powers the platform, letting you profit from the sale and distribution of film & TV projects that you choose to fund and own part of their rights. Our token sale has raised over $1m in the first few days. Having funded over 150 film and TV projects, LiveTree recognized few of the projects were in reality actually making it to cinema and TV screens. Getting films, TV and content on to screen is difficult.

Distribution is often restricted by complex contractual negotiations, insider connections, private wealth, or executives seeking cookie cutter content to advance their own personal fortune over consumer choice. Many in the industry recognize this needs to change, so LiveTree sought an alternative solution that empowered content creators and their supporting viewing audiences. Users can choose to fund TV & film projects using Seed and profit from their sale and distribution.

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