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Short Description: Ligo is set to be the industry standard as the first and only immutable global cryptocurrency transaction valuation solution (patent pending).

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Ligo's mission is to prepare the cryptocurrency community for dealings with the tax man with real-time and accurate records. Ligo makes it easy to log and analyse all your cryptocurrency transactions, whether it’s buying coffee at the local shop, trading the latest coin on an exchange, or tracking revenues and expenses for your business. Have you been keeping accurate records of all your transactions since you started? Start now with Ligo. Ligo prepares its community with real-time and accurate records. Ligo integrates information on the user’s location, exact exchange rates, and appropriate tax regulations for your jurisdiction with blockchain transaction data. This means that no matter which tax jurisdiction around the globe you live in, and no matter how you use your cryptocurrencies (income, payment, or assets), your records will be accurate and immutable. Ligo gets you ready for your tax-time form filing, and for any audit that might come your way. Wherever you are in the world, you should never have to pay more taxes than you need to in compliance with the rules of your country. Ligo protects you by preparing you. And Ligo keeps it legal. Ligo takes the concept of a ledger much further by integrating the cryptocurrency transaction details with point-in-time external inputs, such as exchange rates, location, tax jurisdiction information, and currency valuations. By registering these enhanced transactions on our blockchain, we have created a very robust, very fast, very affordable, and specifically-tailored decentralized storage system to hold the ledger.

The key requirements of our solution were identified as follows:

Easily, quickly, and cheaply record the details of a user’s cryptocurrency transaction

Enhance the transaction details with point-in-time information relevant to tax categorization

Ensure the stored transaction details cannot be altered in any way

Provide irrefutable and accurate inputs for tax calculations in the face of changing and arbitrary legislation

Provide accurate reports to help in preparing taxes

Provide value-added location-based crypto-intelligence

Create an ecosphere for cryptocurrency users on a global scale

The Ligo Token (symbol: LIGO) is a digital utility token based on the ERC20 protocol and derived from Ethereum and is ready for purchase as soon as the ITO process is complete. Details of the token can be found on the Ethereum network at this address:

The Ligo public token crowdsale will be executed in 3 waves. All waves will be executed via smart contracts on the Ethereum Network. The ITO crowdsale will run for a total of 60 days, plus a 30 day escrow period. Ether sent by participating buyers and LIGO tokens purchased during the crowdsale will be held in the ITO smart contracts during the entire 60-day ITO process, and will be automatically released 30 days after the end of the crowdsale.

Wave 1 – Ignition Start-upThe first wave will be 2000 ETH. All LIGO token purchases made during the first wave are non-refundable and the Ether will be used by Ligo Ledger Incorporated for marketing, development, and legal expenses thus far, during the ITO crowdsale, and going forward. As a huge thank you, all Wave 1 participants will receive 25% additional bonus tokens as well as a free 1-year basic Ligo for Individuals subscription (payment of 10 ETH or less) or a basic Ligo for Business + a basic Ligo for Individuals subscriptions (payment of 10 ETH or more) if the ITO is successful and the soft cap is reached.NOTE: Regardless of waves 2 and 3 progress and outcomes, all wave 1 participants will receive a single one-time Historical Report for the Ether wallet used to purchase the LIGO tokens. The report will be available 30 days after the close of the ITO process to immediately be able to take advantage of the current Ligo system.

Wave 2 – Soft Cap (First Gear)The second wave is the soft cap, and will be completed when a total of 8000 ETH is reached (including Wave 1 contributions). If Ligo does not reach the soft cap, all Wave 2 payments (excluding Ether sent during Wave 1) will be refunded. If the soft cap is reached, all Wave 2 participants will receive 10% additional bonus tokens as well as a single one-time Historical Report for the Ether wallet used to purchase the LIGO tokens. The report will be available 30 days after the close of the ITO process to immediately be able to take advantage of the current Ligo system.

Wave 3 – Hard Cap (Top Gear!)Ligo will offer for sale a total of 80% of the generated tokens during the ITO. Wave 3 will commence after the wave 2 soft cap has been reached, and continue until either 60 days from the start of the ITO have elapsed, or all available LIGO tokens have been sold.Purchase LimitsLigo is a global solution for a global problem. We want to allow as many customers as possible to join as community members, and so, to that end, we have placed a minimum and maximum purchase amount for the ITO, regardless of their location in the world. We want to allow as many customers in the cryptocurrency space as possible to join, from many different countries around the world. We want Ligo to grow sustainably, both as a company and as a community.

With this in mind, the following limits are established:

Maximum contribution: 100 ETH (50,000 LIGO)

Minimum contribution: 0.02 ETH (10 LIGO)Any token purchase amount, including the minimum contribution, guarantees that each and every participant is able to exchange their Ligo tokens for a basic Individual 1-year subscription at an introductory cost at time of launch. By making the minimum purchase, you have essentially pre-paid your first year of access to the Ligo platform and reporting tools.How to Register and Participate in the ITO

Registration for the Ligo token crowdsale will be exclusively through our website at, and payment will be exclusively accepted in Ether. Clear instructions for ITO participation, as well as ITO progress and updates are posted on the web site. Ligo tokens will be available for withdrawal by all participants via smart contract when the ITO process is complete. The ETH sent during the ITO will be held in a company wallet owned by Ligo Ledger Incorporated and locked until the end of the campaign.

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