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LamboX Club
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LamboX Club is a New Ideas of Passive Income Platform. Earn daily Passive Income in our Platform.

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2018-03-01 - 2018-03-31
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What is LamboX Exchange Project?

LamboX Exchange designed support our LamboX AI Trading bot with our Algo
trading signals Trading and high frequency trading on All
Cryptocurrency. We develop our exchange can adding custom trading
indicator to own strategy. And process the trade in second.
For individuals trader, LamboX Coin (LBOX) can be traded on LamboX
Exchange. So you can get the profit from price movements. Remember that
LBOX Coin supply very limit. After many LBOX Coin invested to our
Passive Income Program. The price must go up.

For Our Investors, We will help to trade Cryptocurrency through Passive
Income Program in our LamboX Exchange, they can share our 90% daily
profit income.

1. High-frequency trading will create a lots of taker fee and trading
2. Our LamboX AI Trading bot can earn up to 5.8% daily.

Trading fee and Trading bot daily report will share in our website. They
will know we trading on.

In the Q3-4 they will open LamboX Custom AI Bot to Investor for build
their own bot. They will can use custom strategy to auto trading.


More on LamboX:

LamboX Club is a New Ideas of Passive Income Platform
The investment option involves profiting from LamboX AI Trading bot,
Volatility software, Algo trading signals Trading on cryptocurrency,
Bitcoin futures and share Internal Exchange profit. We return all 90%
profit to our investor. Our LamboX Exchange Project is the mainly profit

You can be investing LamboX Coin (LOBX) in our Platform to get Passive

You will receive daily Passive Income in the new coin USDX based on your
investment and receive a bonus depending on your total investing amount.
After the investment locked day you will receive your capital back to
take out from our Platform. Optionally you can use the USDX buy back the
LamboX Coin with USDX internal exchange. For reinvest back into our
Platform to continue receiving daily Passive Income and Bonuses.

What are your New Ideas?

We are not traditional Lending Platform. Our profit mainly come form our
LamboX Exchange Project. We trading in our own Platform. Traditional
platform their interest paid in USD and convert to their own coin. The
coin supply will go up and the coin price must down in the long term.
Our Passive Income Platform the interest paid in USDX.

You need the buy
back the LBOX coin in Internal Exchange. LBOX coin supply will go down
when you reinvest to the Platform. Also we have Interest Rate up to 1.8%
to 5.8% and start at $8. Our LamboX Coin price must go to the moon and
you will get the Lambo.

Coming Soon...
Coming Soon...

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