Jinbi Token

Our Analysis

Team: 6

Feasibility: 6.3

Product: 6.3

Overall Rating: 6.2

Short Description: Jinbi is a clear, transparent and fully audit-able peer-to-peer platform built on the blockchain.

Category: Investment

Category: Tokens Cryptocurrency

Website: https://jinbitoken.io/

Whitepaper: https://jinbitoken.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/18068AH-Jinbi-The-Golden-ICO-Whitepaper-6.8-c.pdf

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Accepted currencies: ETH

Jinbi Token holders will benefit directly and share in the profitability from the production of gold at source. Jinbi will create liquidity events following production milestones whereby each coin holder will receive a dividend payable in physical gold or Jinbi Tokens. All other funds are re-invested back into Jinbi to continue further gold production. Not only will coin holder benefit from bi-annual physical gold dividends, they will also participate in the appreciation of the underlying token. Jinbi is backed by an audited and increasing gold floor.

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