Our Analysis

Team: 6.1

Feasibility: 6.5

Product: 6.5

Overall Rating: 6.37

Short Description: IoTeX is dedicated to create the next generation of the IoT-oriented blockchain platform.

Category: Other

Category: Tokens Cryptocurrency



The cutting edge blockchain-in-blockchain architecture will address the scalability, privacy, isolatability, and developability issues relating to the IoT DApps and ecosystem growth. By combining token incentives with our vibrant global community, we believe we can crowdsource top industry and community talents to push the frontier of blockchain 3.0.

What is the token metrics?

Total Token Supply (fixed): 10,000,000,000 IOTX

Private Sale (closed): 25,000 ETH

Token Price: 1 IOTX = 0.0000125 ETH (20% bonus for private sale investors, lock-up period: 12 months)

What is the token distribution?30%:

Community & Ecosystem25%:



Token Sale6%:

Community Reward Program*

Please be aware that we are not doing an ICO, instead, we are launching Community Reward Programs and Charity Programs.

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