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Short Description: Nigeria investment platform is an Internet resource that enables investors to participate in the development of Nigeria’s national projects which have promising perspectives and benefits from capital investments.

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On the platform, there are start-ups in a wide cost range. The ideas of the projects are diverse and original. Our main goal is to guide and monitor the projects before, during and after attracting investments and at the same time involve investors to become the integral part of the process. This gives companies the maximum opportunity for success. Our mission is to make the process of investment in the projects simple and convenient.The process of investment is considerably simplified. It is not necessary to be a professional investor to take part in the financing of projects. Any participant can finance as much as he or she considers profitable. The more an investor invests, the more the profit margin. A low entry threshold allows almost anyone to take part and finance the business, which he or she understands or considers perspective with high profit returns.In return for his or her investments, every participant receives CARAT digital token, which has a purchasing power in the currency financial system and is an indication of the shareholder's equity share in the business enterprise.Tokens constantly grow in value as the turnover of investments increase in the platform. So long as the investment turnover grows, the value of tokens will continue to grow. The investor can sell his or her tokens on a cryptocurrency exchange at any time.

Token name CARATBlockchain platform WAVESOutput/mining NoAvailable for crowdsale 10 000 000 CARATToken price 1 CARAT — $300Minimal investment $30Maximum limit for purchase None

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