Insure Network (INR) STO Review

Our Analysis

Team: 6.9

Feasibility: 9.7

Product: 9.6

Overall Rating: 8.73


July 1, 2019 - July 30, 2019

Sale Type: STO

Name: Insure Network

Short Description: Worldwide insurance coverage without borders

Category: Insurance

Ticker: $INR



Tokens Available: 49.9%

Hard Cap: $47,900,000

Token Price in fiat private pre-sale: $0.1

  • Brings worldwide accessibility to health and other forms of insurance
  • Quality assurance is performed by community in addition to insurers
  • Team has extensive blockchain experience, would benefit from insurance provider perspective

Insure Network (INR) is a worldwide p2p insurance network platform. Platform users can receive policies licensed by traditional insurance companies, small licensed insurance agents and other authorized individuals or actuary groups.

Ultimately, Insure Network could allow for worldwide coverage for anyone with a network connection, making sure only reputable insurance packages are introduced onto the platform via crowd-voting. The entire process would be cheaper with far faster claim processing/payouts and greater transparency.

Makes insurance more accessible for people worldwide

Insurance companies are currently monopolistic and policies are inefficient, expensive, minimally protective and limited by geographic borders. Policyholders have to wait extensive periods of time while insurance companies interpret opaque reimbursement plans. Insure Network is powered by AI and smart contracts to reduce costs, bring transparency to the process, allow for collaboration and make insurance policies more fair for all.

Insure Network eliminates the need for redundant intermediaries and creates more individually tailored plans. The platform builds a digital identity that is specially created for the individual insurance policy holder.

Importantly, quality assurance within the ecosystem is done by community voting in addition to insurance company QA processes, while traditional insurance platforms are lacking in transparency.

Team well-versed in blockchain, but lacking insurance experience

While the team has several graduates of MIT's business school, who specialized in blockchain technology, and is advised by doctors, the company would benefit from additional perspective and feedback from more insurance company sources. The platform is feasible, but for mass adoption, it's important to glean the perspective and motives of those who benefit from the current system.

Token Sale Model and Details

Insure Network's token is a dividend-paying security token with utility features. Its benefits include dividends, voting rights and discounts.

Insure Network's STO runs from July 1 through July 30, 2019.

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