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Team: 6.7

Feasibility: 6.1

Product: 6.1

Overall Rating: 6.3

Short Description: nRating is a unique social network with a lot of derivative products, targeted at communication and connecting people without language barriers and it includes activity monetization options.

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The total number of INTokens emitted is 32,000,000 tokens. The exchange rate is $ 1 = 1 INToken (INT)The emission of INTokens will be based on the ERC-20 protocol (standard).Tokens are distributed as follows:• Sale on PRE-ICO and ICO: 16,000,000 (50,00% of emission) expected.

• Retaining for the InRating founders: up to 13,440,000 (42.00% of the emission).

• InRating team reward: 1 600 000 (5.00% of the emission).

• Bounty program: up to 960 000 (3.00% of the emission).If the estimated sales level on the PRE-ICO and ICO are exceeded, the tokens will be credited to investors from the tokens creators fund.Terms and Conditions of PRE-ICO sales

• Maximum number of emission is 1,000,000 INTokens.

• The exchange rate of the token is 0.5 USD = 1.0 INToken (with a discount of 50% of the nominal value).

• Acceptable payment currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic,Dash, Monero, Bitcoin Gold• Discount per level: 50% of the nominal value

• Token distribution: Distribution under the smart contract will be carried out after ICO.

• Minimum allocation: 0.1 ETH

Time frame: from 04.06.18 to 04.07.18 Use of funds accumulated at the PRE-ICO stage: The funds received will be used to conduct an extensive marketing campaign for ICOrounds and developments according to the Road map.Terms and Conditions for ICORound # 1 ICO• Maximum amount of emission: 4,000,000 INToken

• Marketplace rate of the token: 0.7 USD = 1.0 INToken (with a discount of 30% of the nominal value)• Acceptable payment currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic,Dash, Monero, Bitcoin Gold

• Token distribution: Distribution under the smart contract will be carried out after the completion ICO.43

• Minimum allocation: 0.2 ETH

• Time frame: from 01.08.18 to 31.08.18 Round # 2 ICO

• Expected amount of emission: 11,000,000 INTokens

• Exchange rate of the token: 0,8 USD = 1,0 INToken (with a discount of 20% of the nominal value)

• Acceptable payment currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic,Dash, Monero, Bitcoin Gold

• Distribution of tokens: Distribution under a smart contract will be carried out after the completion ICO.

• Minimum allocation: 0.2 ETH

•Time frame: from 01.10.18 to 31.10.18. If the expected emission exceeds 11,000,000 INTokens, additional funds will be used toincrease the marketing budget and geographic coverage of the potential audience.Bounty program to be described by the bounty manager Reward for the "Bounty" program is carried out be (3.00% all sold INTokens), aftercompletion PRE-ICO, ICO (round 1, round 2).

INTokens will be distributed among the members of the Bounty programs :

• Facebook campaigns;

• Twitter campaigns;

• Subscriptions in the Bitcoin talk forum;

• E-mail subscriptions;

• Translating of ICO information into other languages;

• Participation in discussions on forums, blogs and media publications;44

• Bugs hunting;

• Writing articles, news and other materials about the upcoming ICO InRating events and their publication in the media;• Design of logo, booklets and other information (sometimes on a competitive basis);

• Rewarding users registered in the InRating which have passed 3D identification (face recognition).Emission and circulation of INCoin tokens (internal coin for payments within the social network) To ensure the "domestic economy" in the InRating an INCoin was created. Both regular users and commercial accounts owners will be able to purchase coins through the built-inExchange and use them for paid network services (including purchasing virtual gifts, premium statuses and sponsored advertising, as well as increasing the level when posting an advertisement), purchasing goods and services of the InRating. In addition, INCoins will be used to reward users for authentication in the system and other motivated actions. Coins are necessary to ensure fair conditions for users activities, to facilitate monetization of accounts and to conduct commercial activities within the InRating. All transactions with INCoins can be conditionally divided into five types:

• Initial emission for crediting to the "Operating Fund" (INCoin owner - InRating)• Monthly transfer of INCoins for accrual to INTokens holders is proportional to the volume of sales of advertising services in the InRating for the previous month (INCoin holders– INTokens holders).

• Purchase of INCoins by the user for payments (INCoin holder - user)45

• Accrual to users of INCoins for the complete identification and other motivated actions(achieving of TOP positions in the rating, etc.).

• Using INCoins for paying chargeable network options by the users (INCoins return to the At the same time, several interrelated tasks must be solved:

• Initial INCoins emission of 200,000,000 with a value of $ 0.01 should be sufficient to ensure transactions for all users within the InRating.

• As the number of the social network users grows, number of INCoins must increase in order to make the parameters of the demand and offer for the INCoins meet, to prevent its deficit and consequently, - the decrease in the income of the InRating.To ensure the functioning of the internal payment system, a technical "OperatingFund" will be created: Initially, 200,000,000 coins will be credited to the Operating Fund, which corresponds to the expected income in the first year of the social network operation (with a minimum revenue of $ 2,000,000 and working with markets in Eastern and Central Europe). Every time of the INTokens holders receive their INCoins, users purchase the INCoinsor get rewarded for identification and other motivated actions, the coins will be debited from the account (wallet) and credited to the user's wallet. After the user`s payment for the InRating chargeable services is processed, INCoins will be debited from the user's account (wallet) and credited to the account (wallet) of the "Operating Fund". The increased number of network users will result in increased demand for INCoins;hence, the additional tokens may be required to provide users with crypto currency, according to the following rules:

1. This will occur, if the amount of the "Operating Fund" decreases by more than 10%from the initial or previous amount. 46

2. New INCoins are credited to the account (wallet) of the "Operating Fund" (on thenext business day after submitting the transfer).

3. The amount of additional emission is equal to the amount of reduction + 5%of the initial / previous amount. A significant decrease in the "Operating Fund" can occur, among other things, due to the following reasons:

• Festive and seasonal fluctuations in the INCoin coin use;

• Users purchasing INCoin for speculative investment purposes without using them for payments; "Internal Exchange Office" service will be introduced to ensure the possibility of purchasing and selling INCoins.

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