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Short Description: Ethersoft is a crypto mining and service company in South Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

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Ethersoft, an established crypto mining and service company in South Yorkshire, United Kingdom. We have been offering cryptocurrency services and mining contracts for Bitcoin and Ethereum to the public for the past 12 months with great success. We now look to expand our operations through organizing and implementing an ICO - launching the ERC20 “Industria” Token. We have worked hard on developing our brand “Ethersoft”. We are a transparent company that encourages all clients to come see our operation and meet our team. We have conducted major media campaigns in South Yorkshire and have had excellent results from our efforts. We have a dedicated team of professionals to lead Ethersoft with the launch of the “Industria” Token. Our Vision At Ethersoft, we believe in turning renewable energy into Cryptocurrency by means of Cryptocurrency mining. Cryptocurrency mining is highly profitable when done on a large-scale basis and it is essentially the process of turning electricity into digital assets. In today’s environment, Cryptocurrency mining is done globally. What we offer is an eco-friendly, more profitable and a renewable powered form of Cryptocurrency mining.The TechnologyThe technology is simple, controllable and has an excellent record of accomplishment. Not only is mining crypto currencies with renewable energy ecologically friendly, but it is also more profitable. Ethersoft mines all scalable and profitable Cryptocurrencies. The decision as to what secondary currencies to mine will be made by automated algorithms. These will choose the most profitable option available at any moment. Ethersoft is also flexible about the mining pools it uses, depending on payouts and liquidity among other factors.Our approach is simple, by utilizing renewable energy as a major energy source for our mining operations, our savings will be tremendous. What we save with renewable energy will be passed on to our miners, making Ethersoft one of the most profitable mining operations within the UK. Why Industria Will Be a Successful TokenThe key to a successful ICO is to have an ecosystem in place that the Tokens created by the ICO will be used in to buy services and trade goods. This will produce a value and usage for the Token.Value is determined by the amount of people within the ecosystem and outside of the ecosystem that will utilise the currency for buying and trading. This provides a demand for the Token, which in turn adds a value to the Token.We at Ethersoft already have the ecosystem in place with our current mining operation and the services we offer. Our Industria Token is a collateralized Token, meaning Industria is secured with assets (mining equipment, coins mined, renewable energy equipment, and land/building). These factors provide the Token with a real-world value.The Token will be used as a currency within the Ethersoft ecosystem to purchase services; such as mining packages, exchange services and merchant accounts. Clients must first purchase Tokens in order to purchase Ethersoft services.As the cost of mining altcoins increases, the value of the Tokens will also increase. As Ethersoft expands operations, the Token will increase in value due to additional mining and renewable equipment backing the Token.We expect that within 12 months from the ICO launch, Industria will be actively trading on most platforms. TeamThe team of Ethersoft amplifies success. With a wide range of talents, years of combined experience and a driven desire to win, Ethersoft’s team is ready for any challenge.Nicholas Green – Managing Director – Chief Financial OfficerNicholas has 8 years business experience within the finance and energy industry. For 5 years Nicholas managed a team of 50 brokers offering financial products and energy solutions to major UK companies and high worth clientele. Nicholas has been involved in cryptocurrencies for the past 4 years, as an owner and trader. Educated with strong business disciplines, Nicholas is a born leader, with a true dedication to succeed. Alex Myers – Director of Mining OperationsAlex has 5 years cryptocurrency mining experience and has worked as a consultant for many UK and European based mining companies. Alex has been designing custom rigs for clients for the past 3 years. Alex communicates and collaborate with other major miners to ensure the most profitable Cryptocurrencies are being mined. He has organised Ethersoft’s mining operations to guarantee Ethersoft the most profits from their mining operation.Philip Moore – Director of Renewable Energies Philip has over 8 years’ experience in renewable energies. Consulting solar and wind turbine farms, Philip has hands on experience organizing and implementing renewable energy programs that save organizations money and provides them elevated levels of energy performance. Philip will oversee the wind turbine and solar programs being implemented by Ethersoft in 2018.Stephen Spencer – Consultant - Operations Manager An American Business Consultant with 38 years’ experience in finance, banking, and investments. Stephen has worked for major investment companies in America, for the past 14 years he has offered business consultation to existing companies looking to expand and to start-up companies seeking assistance with business plans and financial planning. Stephen has 5 years’ experience within the cryptocurrency markets as a trader and consultant. Stephen’s expertise is creating and implementing a solid business approach, with strict financial control to ensure success. Dan Dunn – Crypto Exchange SupervisorDan has 4 years’ experience trading, buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Dan has worked on some of the largest trading platforms. Dan is designing an exchange platform for Ethersoft that will allow crypto users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in a secure and risk-free environment. With the backing of the Ethersoft brand, this will ensure safety and transparency for all users. Patrick Orton – Technical Operations ManagerPatrick is Ethersoft’s main Technical Advisor. He has 6 years of experience in technology and programming and holds a 1st Class degree in Computer Science. Patrick quit his last job as an Android programmer to join Ethersoft as part of his passion to be involved with Cryptocurrencies. The in-depth and sound knowledge Patrick has to offer the company ensures Ethersoft will always make the right decision regarding computer or technical systems. Kevin Lambert– Consultant Renewable Energies - Electrical Engineer Kevin has over 25 years’ experience as an electrical engineer with over 800 installations. For the past 7 years Kevin has offered renewable energy consultation to the, NHS, Social Housing Schemes, schools and commercial businesses. Kevin offers Ethersoft the highest standard of electrical services, ensuring mining operations are safe and efficient. Kevin’s consultation regarding renewable energies ensures Ethersoft implements the most cost effect methods to mine their cryptocurrencies. David Bryce Bell - Health & Safety ConsultantDavid has 13 years’ experience in Health & Safety Management. David has developed specialties consisting of establishing, implementing, and maintaining Health and Safety procedures to ensure full compliance for the end user within required regulations. Fluent in the learning and development triangulation of training consistently incorporating a robust, holistic audit process is what gives David the required focus and drive to continuously exceed the Industry standard.Mining PricingEthersoft’s pricing structure is based on available power that can be used for mining. Ethersoft will ensure that the energy is used most efficiently for the largest mining gains. Our mining contracts are based on Kw/H and the payout is based on the net profits earned for that Kw/H. We believe this represents an improved approach than the usual method of paying per hash rate, as the power of networks increases continuously, and proceeds based on hashes can erode very quickly.Why Kw/H and Not Hash PowerEthersoft make mining payments in kw/H - and not by the purchased hashing power like many other mining operations. The reason for this is to maintain the highest possible payout for miners during the whole length of their contract. Due to the nature of mining (difficulty increases etc), the hashing power sold one year, may yield a fraction of what was produced the following year. This concept is known as the ‘ROI Challenge’ – the high initial investment required for mining hardware may likely never give a miner a ROI from mined coins alone. Measuring contracts and payouts in kw/H however, attempts to solve this problem. Given the consistent release of new and more efficient hardware, the same amount of kw/H used in a newly released model of machine (assuming no difficulty change); will yield more coins than the same amount of kw/H used in an older model of machine.SummaryThe UK is Crypto Friendly. We believe due to the results we have obtained so far that the UK is the ideal place to operate a cryptocurrency mining company. If the energy costs can be controlled with renewable energy, then the end result will be a profitable long-term venture for all those that get involved with Ethersoft.

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