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IGNITE is a decentralization prediction platform, hoping to establish a consensus forecasting system with the same weight as the same, and use large data intelligent

ICO Ended
2018-06-20 - 2018-08-20
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

Project Name: IGNITE

Official website: IGToken.net

The distribution of the token:

Total amount: 8000000000ICO:50%

Pre sale: 12.5%Team: 25%Community: 12.5%

Token info


Total Supply:800,000,000

ICO: 400,000,000(50%)

Pre-sale: 100,000,000(12.5%)

Team: 200,000,000(25%)

Community: 100,000,000(12.5%)

ICO is being carried out, is 1ETH=50000IGT

Bonus now: Extra 50%!! 1 ETH =75,000 IGT(Min pay0.01ETH)

Send ETH to smart contract address:0x6D6A0df44625D70587D971a592d10d9651e0c053

* Please use the ETH wallet.Not using the exchange like Binance or Bitfinix to send eth. Token will be sent to your wallet immediately.

* Before buying, please confirm that you are not from the United States, China, Singapore and Iran citizens.Expect your reply.IGNITE Aili

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