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Team: 7

Feasibility: 6.5

Product: 6.5

Overall Rating: 6.67

Short Description: IceBreakerAR will bridge the virtual world with reality by providing a revolutionary tool that removes the core barriers which prevent humans from reaching out and interacting with one another.

Category: Entertainment

Category: Tokens Cryptocurrency



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Users of IceBreakerAR will have the confidence to approach each other and be equipped with conversational tools which can assist initiating the interaction in an innovative and fun manner, from whether the user is seeking a relationship, friendship or networking/business opportunity. In addition, all user data is secured in the blockchain thereby providing the highest standard of security and integrity.

1. Scarcity – When consumers buy in-app IBAR Credits, IBAR then buys 25% of that amount in tokens and burns them. I.e. Consumer buys $10 worth of IBAR Credits, IBAR Then buys $2.50 worth of IBAR Tokens on the exchange and burns those tokens; creating scarcity.

2. Dividends – When consumers buy in-app IBAR Credits, IBAR then redistributes 25% of that amount in tokens to the token holders that have their tokens locked up. Dividends will start at the Gold package. Further details will be announced in the app and our blog.

3. Company profit - When consumers buy in-app IBAR Credits, IBAR keeps 50% of that revenue for operations, marketing, and influencer costs as well as company reserve. This aides in business continuity and guaranteed business development moving forward.

4. Staking – Token holders will be given an option to voluntarily lockup their tokens for a period of time, either 30/60/90/120/180 days. With each lockup period, the consumer will receive additional in-app credits (50/100/150/200/250 credits respectively)

5. Loyalty benefits – On top of the additional credits received from Ice Breaker, we will be creating loyalty packages that correlate to the number of days staking your tokens: 30 days, Bronze status, minimum of 5,000 tokens 60 days, Silver status, minimum of 15,000 tokens90 days, Gold status, minimum of minimum of 30,000 tokens 120 days, Platinum status, minimum of 60,000 tokens 180 days, Diamond status, minimum of 120,000 tokens

*Loyalty benefits will have a base, but will also have additional features that may vary from period to period based on partnerships.

6. Master nodes – In the future, we are planning to implement master nodes and have them run by the community in order to keep the IBAR ecosystem going. This is something that is planned and needs to be worked out further. More information on this to come in the future.

7. Charity – We are very big on charity, we want to give back to the community and we want to empower you to give back to the community as well through us. We want to give you the option; to instead of collecting your dividends into your wallet, to have your dividends distributed to your charity of choice at the end of the quarter.

8. Liquidity – As mentioned in point 1, we will be buying back tokens to burn. While adoption increases this guarantees liquidity on the exchange."

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