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I’m always a fan of projects that aim to disrupt some central, big industry, that can be based on the blockchain.

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2018-02-20 - 2018-05-17
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One of those big industries is job hunting. You’ve heard of all the established players such as Monster and now LinkedIn, in fact they’re too numerous to mention.

What the I Am Hero project aims to achieve could be huge if they pull it off. The IAH (I Am Hero) project aims to create a platform whereby job hunters (what the team calls “Heros”) and employers can match. Both job seekers and employers will find benefit in using the platform and its token in order to facilitate profile creation and matching services.

Don’t think however that this is just another run-of-the-mill job searching platform, as it aims to be much more than that. To begin with, there will be a unique score that each member of the platform has that cannot be manipulated like with traditional platforms. How so? This score is stored on the blockchain and uses the benefits of ledger technology to verify that scores haven’t been tampered with. The score itself is not calculated by anyone but rather an immutable AI engine that considers some 150 factors in determining a member’s score. Only token holders will have access to this score.

After employees and employers match, there are no platform  aws or regulations which prevent communication outside the platform like with traditional job hunting sites. Since the platform aims to decentralize itself, a lot of these common issues of control will be minimized or eradicated. IAH however does still recommend keeping communication within the platform in order to ensure accountability and prevent malicious actors, however the fact they’re not pedantic about the rules is a good sign to me as someone who advocates decentralized technology.The benefits for employers are also numerous — the platform will allow an auction-type system whereby specific tasks and jobs can be bidded on by project members, and employers can decide who they want to allocate a project to based upon the bidded price and the members score.

Utility of the TokenThe most important questions most investors will have is what purpose the token will play on the platform. In fact, IAH tokens are the essence of all activities on the platform. You see, in order to hire employees or issue project tasks to be bidded upon, IAH tokens are required. All contracts on the platform are stored in actual immutable Smart Contracts. The tokens are stored within these Smart Contracts and transferred to the IAH platform as payment for hiring someone. This is where the decentralized nature of the platform should shine.In addition to its practical features, revenue that is generated from the site will be distributed to IAH token holders. This is one of the few projects that aim to offer a token that is useful for both utility purposes and revenue-sharing.Details about the ICOThe team aims to raise some ~7000 ETH for platform development and promotion.

Base price of the token will be 0.0000142 ETH per 1 IAH Coin. Members interested in joining the Whitelist should do so before February 20, whereby a 40% discount on the token is offered. The main crowdsale begins on the 22nd of May.


Token Symbol: IAHC

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