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HUYU is a free ancestry platform that will allow a user to interact with family and friends globally.

ICO Ended
2018-06-01 - 2018-06-30
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR


The content on HUYU will be generated by the users themselves and the platform will be ad-free.Families are the foundation of human relationships. The intelligent genealogy engine will allow users to connect with family quickly and easily. HUYU will strengthen these relationships in a secure manner. The benefits of this are convenient and secure family communication, global gifting, secure photo and contact sharing.Total HUYU = 1 billionReserves = 100 millionShareholders = 100 millionPartners = 50 millionEgg Bounties = 50 millionStaff Incentives = 50 millionPre-sale = 50 millionICO = 600 millionPre-sale – currently running until 30 April 2018 1HUYU=94satoshi (50 million HUYU available)Stage 1 ICO starts 1 May 2018 1HUYU=263satoshi (200 million HUYU available)Stage 2 ICO starts after stage 1 1HUYU=319satoshi (200 million HUYU available)Stage 3 ICO starts after stage 2 1HUYU=375satoshi (200 million HUYU available)Pairings:HUYU/BTCHUYU/ETHHUYU/LTCHUYU/WAVESHUYU/BCH

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