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Overall Rating: 6.33

Short Description: HUSSY is a distributed escorting and due diligence infrastructure.

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We utilize Blockchain technology to create a decentralized infrastructure with additional off-chain due diligence and listings authorities for safer execution of sex work. We have identified that the root cause of most problems associated with sex work lies in the social stigma toward the participants, leading to a contradicting discrepancy between the need for privacy and trustworthiness. The solution we offer provides anonymized but verifiable KYC compliance, professional health certification and Proof of Consent stored on the Blockchain as well as escort listing platform that provides strong incentives for clients.

Open to 3rd party platforms

HUSSY is not just another another escorting platform, but rather a whole escorting infrastructure. We are legally able to operate our own escorting platform only in selected countries, however anyone can open their own escorting platform anonymously in any country and join the distributed HUSSY infrastructure in order to improve the status quo of the global sex work industry.

Impossible to shut down

Decentralized nature of the HUSSY infrastructure makes it near impossible to shut down. Our solution is resistant to regulations like FOSTA / SOSTA and anyone can open a new listing platform using the HUSSY infrastructure. Only the data owners are in control of their data, nobody else is able to delete or modify the data — not even us, not even the listing platforms and not even the law enforcement.

Flexible fee schedule

Monetizing of listing platforms is based on a fair advertising fees that are updated according to demand for sex services in a given time and location. Every service provider can choose an optional fee for a listing — the higher the fee, the more often will be the offer shown to potential clients. All fees are payable in ERC-20 tokens.

No time-wasting or abusive clients

Clients are incentivized to make a security deposit before arranging a meeting. In case of an inappropriate or abusive behaviour, the client risks losing of his deposit. Furthermore, service providers may require a client to make a booking deposit in order to filter out time-wasting clientsthat make a reservation but never appears on a meeting.

Fighting human trafficking

Every sex worker advertising on the platform will be reviewed according to our KYC policy. Fighting human trafficking is among our top priorities, and we will be fully compliant with regulations in all countries we operate in.

Minimizing the spreading of STDs

Our platform will reduce spreading of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections through regular medical examinations from certified health providers. Every client can verify validity and the date of issuance of the last health certificate on the blockchain without disclosing private data of the sex worker.

Protecting clients and service providers

Buying sexual services is a business deal that requires mutual respect from both parties involved. Our platform will provide a blockchain-based proof of sexual consent and health checks that will protect both parties involved.

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