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HOQU is a decentralized affiliate platform combining the performance-marketingmodel with blockchain technology. The aim of the project is to create a decentralizedecosystem, which will be

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2017-11-27 - 2018-02-26
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HOQU is set to usher in the next generation of advertising as the internet’s first decentralized platform for online affiliate marketing. On the HOQU platform, an advertiser can easily create affiliate offers, and the results of affiliate advertising campaigns will be stored in distributed registries (blockchain). Rewards will be paid through smart contracts that guarantee honesty and transparency of transactions. A smart anti-fraud system developed as part of the advertiser’s decentralized application will not allow affiliates to engage in fraudulent activities, and independent, decentralized audit appeal centers will address any emerging, controversial issues. The HOQU platform will also be useful for existing affiliate networks. The SDK will enable one to integrate networks with the platform, thereby lowering the cost of paying affiliate fees. As well, it shall and add transparency to your network by enabling all affiliates registered within the platform to work with affiliate programs of the network.


Website –


Whitepaper –


Price: 1 HQX = 0.0002 ETH or 1 ETH = 5,000 HQX

Accepted currencies: Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC)

Sales Volume on Main Sale: 137,777,640 HQX

Hard cap on Main Sale: $12,253,000

Open market – 65% – 195,555,360 HQX

Founders – 30% – 90,256,320 HQX (6 Month Freeze)

Advisers, bounty, marketing – 4% – 12,034,176 HQX

Ecosystems support – 1% – 90,256,320 HQX

Contribution Rules

HQX Tokens will be issued according to the ERC20 standard on the Ethereum blockchain. The total number of issued HQX Tokens will be 888,888,000 HQX, and no new Tokens will be issued. Tokens assigned to the team will be frozen for 6 months, with a further gradual defreeze of 10% per quarter of the original quantity.

If the hard cap is not reached by the end of the Token Sale, then all unsold Tokens will expire.

There are strict rules and precautions to follow while participating in the HOQU Token Sale.

If you send ETH from an exchange to the Token Sale wallet, they will most likely be lost. You must send ETH from any Ethereum wallet: MyEtherWallet (no download needed), Parity (Desktop), Mist (Desktop), imToken (iPhone), imToken(Android).


Open market – 65% – 577,777,200 HQX

Founders – 30% – 266,666,400 HQX (6 Month Freeze)

Advisers, bounty, marketing – 4% – 35,555,520 HQX

Ecosystems support – 1% – 8,888,880 HQX


Team – 10%

Marketing – 21%

Development Product – 19%

Legal – 3%

Business Functions – 15%

Global Expansion – 17%

Overheads – 12%

Charity – 3%


Alexey Shmonov – CEO –

Maxim Anikeev – HOQU CMO and Co-founder –

Alexander Duzhnikov – HOQU COO and Co-founder –


Ralph Liu –

Dr. Moe Levin –

Kenneth A. Goodwin Jr. –

Alex Shifrin –

Mike Coppola


Announce –

GitHub –

Blog –

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Notable News

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3) Forbes – «Уберизация» бизнеса с HOQU: просто, надежно и выгодно

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5) Jinse – HOQU销售总监Mikhail Zarubin:区块链技术未来市场预测

6) CryptoCoinsNews – HOQU Eliminates Fraud in Affiliate Marketing

7) RBC – Маркетинг будущего сэкономит рекламодателям $88 млрд в год

8) Coinfox – World’s first decentralized platform for affiliate marketing HOQU gets 11 huge investors before the official project opening

9) Cryptosrus – An Inside Look At HOQU, The World’s First Decentralized Performance Marketing Solution

10) Coinspeaker – Meet HOQU, the World’s First Decentralized Performance Marketing Solution

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Token Symbol: HQX

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