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Short Description: Hala is an AI Platform for business with the decentralized knowledge base on the blockchain. The Hala platform will offer to business to use a smart machine with digital assets, that makes automation of IT and business process.

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Website: https://token.hala.ai

Whitepaper: https://token.hala.ai/whitepaper.pdf

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Hala offers millions of people to participate in the training of digital assets based on transparent blockchain network and get rewards during the training process and every time when business will use digital assets. Think of it as Accenture and Amazon merged together, powered by the decentralized blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies.

What is Hala?

Hala serves as a central digital brain when it comes to business. By connecting blockchain, artificial intelligence, knowledge and business, we have created an AI platform with the decentralized knowledge base for business. Hala automates IT and business processes for business. And saves time that business users spend on solving the problems, getting information from enterprise software and for searching needed information.

Meet the "Siri" for business

Hala Digital Assistant is based on the MVP – commercially available AI platform, which is already piloted in 2 countries in Europe during the past 4 months. Hala currently serves a business that uses SAP ERP - now we plan is to go beyond that and give Hala knowledge to work with another enterprise software: ERP, CRM, HCM, SCM. We want to involve worldwide enterprise software communities through the Knowledge Share Platform on blockchain to train Hala with new knowledge and skills.

Artificial Intelligence

AI Platform

Hala brings faster, actionable, more human-like communication back into the daily interactions enterprises have with their systems, workforce, and customers.Knowledge share platform. Knowledge Share Platform is built on top of AI and blockchain technology, which allows communities with millions of people to participate in Hala training.

Skills store

We are giving Hala skills to work with enterprise software. All Hala knowledge and skills are available for clients through the Skill Store.

BlockchainToken economy

The token is the main accelerator of Hala network and knowledge share program. The more knowledge miners and digital assets Hala has, the bigger amount of clients will use Hala Digital Assets. The more clients, the bigger load for performance miners for processing AI tasks. Knowledge decentralization The community of token holders (clients, knowledge miners, partners) lead the training process of Hala Digital Assets. Hala act as a light moderator. Digital Assets available for the client through the Skill Store.


The decentralized network gives transparent, flexible and trustable settlement mechanism for all participant of the network. Miners can easily identify the usage of digital skills and get comprehensive statistics for rewarding.Knowledge Share Platform We are attracting people to share their expertise and to teach Hala.

1. Hala send tokens to knowledge miners as a reward for the training of digital skills;

2. Miners perform training of Hala skills in Knowledge Share Program;

3. Skills that miners trained become available at Skills Store;

4. The client is using the skills from the Skills Store;

5. Client make a payment for each solved problem;

6. 50% of the payment is going to miners;

Token Sale

Token Name: HALA

Standart: ERC-20

Accepted currency: ETH

The total amount of Hala tokens: 452.000.000 HALA

Number of Hala tokens for sale: 212.000.000 HALA

Token type: Utility token

Maximum amount (Hard cap): $17.000.000

The minimum amount (Soft cap): $500.000

Hala token exchange rate: 1 HALA = $0,10

Standart: ERC-20

Token pre-sale phase: 02.05.2018 - 18.05.2018 (bonus 25%)

Token sale phase: 23.07.2018 - 23.08.2018 (bonus up to 15%)

Team: Andrii Rudchuk, CEO & Co-founder, Linkedin Mykyta Bazhenov, CTO & Co-founder, Linkedin Iurii Kobernyk, Senior Full-stack engineer, Linkedin Dmitriy Gerasimenko, Senior DevOps engineer, Linkedin Normunds Kvilis, Advisor, Co-founder at DigiPulse, Linkedin Dmitry Dementyev-Dedelis, Blockchain Advisor, Co-founder at DigiPulse, Linkedin

Conclusion: We are revolutionizing the enterprise software market that did not saw significant changes for almost past 40 years. We want to help millions of business users around the world to stop wasting time for performing routine work and we want to give people opportunity to earn tokens for their knowledge and expertise.

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