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Short Description: Please get acquainted with our whitepaper, it contains all the details - https://hackspace.capital/whitepaper_hackspace_EN.pdfHACKSPACE is a company formed in 2017 for the purpose of investing in and developingthe most promising early stage technology hardware and connected hardware startupsidentified by its strategic partner, the engineering catalyst EnCata.HACKSPACE also serves as an online platform/shop, where people can acquire products andservices created and offered by HACKSPACE startups and partner companies. HACKSPACEprovides startups with multilayered support such as: organization of administrativeprocesses, legal support, business consulting, coordination and supervision of the project’slife cycle, marketing via its partner companies, R&D, scientific research, engineeringdevelopment and preparations for mass production.HACKSPACE has authorized the issuance of up to (one billion) HAC TOKENS,with 51% to be issued directly to the public in 12 monthly sessions of 24 hours each. Thefirst issuing session will be September 19, 2017. HAC TOKENS will be sold in an auctionformat, with the price of the HAC TOKENS fixed at the completion of the auction.HAC TOKENS can be freely bought, sold and traded on the HACKSPACE platform or otherliquid exchanges, and thus individuals looking to acquire certain products through thePORTFOLIO can purchase the HAC TOKENS from existing holders on the exchange platformand receive up to a 20% discount on their desired product or service within its ecosystem.HACKSPACE expects the exclusive and high quality deal flow via EnCata and the fact thatcertain products, services and discounts will be available only to token holders will createlong-term ongoing demand for the HAC TOKENS.

Category: Business Services

Category: Investment

Category: Tokens Cryptocurrency

Ticker: $HAC

Website: https://hackspace.capital/

Whitepaper: https://hackspace.capital/whitepaper_hackspace_EN.pdf

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