Grayll (GRX) Token Sale

Our Analysis

Team: 10

Feasibility: 9

Product: 9

Overall Rating: 9.33


July 1, 2019 - October 27, 2019

Sale Type: IEO

IEO Exchange: Stellar

Name: Grayll

Short Description: Automated investment app with AI & ML

Category: Investment

Ticker: $GRX

Total Token Supply: 12,500,000,000



Tokens Available: 40%

Whitelist Required: yes

Accepted Currencies:

  • £GBP
  • $USD
  • ¥Yen
  • €EUR
  • Other
  • Ideal for retail investors with little experience or time for trading/speculation
  • Platform committed to being user-friendly for investing novices
  • Team demonstrates specialization in finance and business intelligence

Grayll (GRX) is an automated investment app that is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Grayll's services are especially aimed at investors who don't have much experience investing in the stock market or time for trading and speculation.

Ideal for retail investors with little-to-no experience or time

Grayll leverages DLT, AI, ML and Deep Learning to provide better services for users. The platform provides information and services that have previously only been available to ultra high net worth individuals. Grayll has only a $10 minimum per position requirement.

Grayll's investment services can be applied to any investment, including:

  • Commodities
  • Art
  • Real estate
  • Weather metrics
  • Social media trend data

The platform is committed to being easy-to-understand for any user with algorithms for analyzing trends, volatility, leverage, margins, shorting, risk and derivatives.

Team demonstrates specialization in finance and business intelligence

Cofounder Akshay Arora was previously a senior analyst in complex securities and business modeling at Ernst & Young, where he assisted in the valuing of complex securities. Hemal Gandhi, CFA, also a cofounder, was previously a valuation analyst at Deutsche Bank in Mumbai and London. The team's blockchain developer, Daniel Peter, is an impressive blockchain developer and software engineer who has designed his own applications for smartphones.

Token Sale Model and Details

Grayll is conducting an IEO on Stellar's DEx.

$GRX tokens will be used to

1. Transfer to and from the app wallet

2. Store in the Grayll app wallet

3. Transfer from user app wallet to algorithmic services to open Grayll algorithmic positions

4. Close algorithmic positions to automatically transfer from algorithmic service to app wallet

Grayll is working to create a multi-currency wallet for direct exchanges, which may require a future partnership with a regulated exchange.

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