Gingr (GGC)

Our Analysis

Team: 7

Feasibility: 6

Product: 8.5

Overall Rating: 7.17


November 1, 2019 - November 30, 2019

Sale Type: ICO

Name: Gingr

Short Description: A blockchain-based platform for sex work services

Category: Social

Ticker: $GGC

Total Token Supply: 500,000,000



Tokens Available: 100%

KYC/AML Required: yes

Whitelist Required: yes

Notes: Soft cap: 1,000,000 EUR, Hard cap: 20,450,000 EUR

Notes: Pre-sale price: 1 GG=0.06 EUR, ICO price: 1 GG=0.12 EUR

  • Makes the sex work industry safer for all from end-to-end
  • Helps to identify and reduce cases of sex trafficking
  • Allows for sex workers to recoup full amount they are owed for services
  • Team has extensive IT experience, needs guidance from experts in field

Gingr (GGC) is a blockchain-based network for connecting users with sex work services that aims to be "the Uber of paid dates." Though sex work is known as the world's oldest profession, it remains incredibly controversial worldwide, and sex workers are one of the most endangered groups of people. Sex work isn't going anywhere; Gingr's platform can help keep both sex workers and clients safe, restoring trust to the industry.

Gingr's booking platform builds on an existing platform that has been improved with the feedback of current users.

Gingr is in the process of developing future income-generating opportunities, including Gingr Pop n Go, a feature exclusively for real estate rentals, which could be incorporated into the sex work platform as well. Gingr Care is a section of the platform devoted to confidential support and guidance.

Gives users options for a near-instant booking, or future date 

The Gingr platform offers users a button for instant access to a guaranteed booking within a specified radius of the user's location. The "hook up" method of booking allows the user to find their most desired choice at a specified time and place. The platform guarantees it will verify the identity of any user paying with $GGC.

In addition to providing the user with a more convenient network, Gingr helps sex workers promote their services in previously impossible ways.

Gingr's platform has a free option so users can register and use the platform, allowing it to reach its maximum growth potential. Premium accounts will also be made available.

Helps make sex work industry safer from end-to-end

Sex work often operates on a black market based on cash transactions. The ability to make these encounters cashless would remove some of the incentive for abusive behavior, while ensuring all workers are actually paid for services rendered.

Gingr's platform can also verify the identification of customers and provide a historical paper trail in the event that authorities would request a customer's transactions.

Team has significant software development experience but is lacking elsewhere

While we're encouraged by the team's extensive demonstrated experience with IT, software development and graphic design, the team is also relatively homogenous in terms of experience, and would benefit from someone with knowledge of the sex work industry.

Token Sale Model and Details

The GGC token can be used for the global paid sex market. In 2020, Gingr plans to issue a second, equity token, the Gingr Share Token (GST). See tabs above for additional token sale information.

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