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Short Description: GigTricks has built a blockchain-based ecosystem to increase transparency, trust, and reliability among the platform participants.

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Every action including review and skill ratings will be verified within the immutable blockchain. As such, nothing can be forged within the ecosystem. The GigTricks objective is to create the world’s first 360° freelance and on-demand ecosystem which will be trusted by a community of millions. Ultimately, we’ve built the GigTricks platform to help fight global recession by creating unlimited opportunities for talented individuals so that they can simply find the gigs, work from home, generate income and spend on their consumer needs resulting a true economic growth.

Through the unique combination of multiple GigTricks solutions that are discussed below, we are now able to increase trust, opportunities, and support the business and freelancing communities in order to achieve excellence in their business and career growth.GigTricks MarketplaceThe GigTricks Marketplace connects entrepreneurs with freelancers across the globe. The buyers can hire professional freelancers for big or small projects. The GigTricks Marketplace will act as the mechanism to connect worldwide professionals to trade services between each other by using GigBit token.GigTricks SocialOne of our business objectives is to increase the level of engagement among ecosystem participants. This can be accomplished by enabling entrepreneurs and freelancers in the system to engage with one another to “friend,” follow, message, or share information directly with other platform participants. GigTricks Social is a platform which brings the community closer and increases the level of engagement among the participants. As opposed to other social platforms where people can easily fritter away the valuable time by conducting unproductive activities, GigTricks Social is a way to galvanize purposeful engagement that leads to mutual professional benefits.GigTricks LearningGigTricks Learning is the global online center of excellence where entrepreneurs and freelancers can acquire the best skills to enhance their business and professional expertise for greater success. GigTricks Learning is an open platform where mentors, instructors, teachers or experienced professionals can upload their course products which will be visible to a community of millions. Users can gain access to these courses using GigBit tokens. Whenever any user attends an online course, they will need to pass the exam in order in order to earn skills points which will be added to their GigTricks Pro profile.GigTricks ProGigTricks Pro is a global platform for professionals to showcase their professional profiles/resumes verified under the GigTricks blockchain. This means that the professionals can showcase their profile and the details will be verified by GigTricks blockchain technology. In addition to this, clients can see the skills’ ratings that will later help them in their hiring process. Currently, the other professional profile platforms have no verification mechanism which truly if the skill mentioned in any profile is legit or not. For example, if a graphic designer indicates “Adobe Photoshop” as a skillset in his GigTricks Pro profile, then a test will appear which contains multiple choice questions and qualitative questions which will later be analyzed by artificially intelligent and machine learning algorithms. These algorithms will be tasked with correctly scoring the test and provide an accurate skill rating. If a person passes the test, then the overall score will be assigned to his skill which can later be verified by anyone within the GigTricks system.GigTricks Pro opens the door of opportunity for many freelancers who may not have acquired an institutional degree from a verifiable university or college. However, this does not mean that they do not possess a top rated skillset. GigTricks helps to solve this dilemma through the testing process. Each time a professional need to add a skill to their GigTricks Pro profile, they will pay a small skill fee using GigBit Tokens. The fees per skill are kept to a minimum in order to encourage people to build their online blockchain based profiles. However, using a fee structure will eliminate any spam or non-serious persons, thus eliminating the likelihood of onboarding low-quality freelancers.GigTricks Point of Sale (PoS)We aim to partner with institutions across 180 countries where the student will be able to pay for their education via GigBit Tokens and by using the GigTricks Point of Sale (PoS) IoT devices which are connected directly with GigTricks blockchain. This means that every training institute in any country has the ability to run their curriculum on our platform with the course fees being paid via GigBit Tokens. This will give all training providers a chance to increase their sales revenue on a large scale. For example, if a training provider has to offer his course locally at his physical institute, he will first launch the offline or online course in the GigTricks Learning Platform. Subsequently, by using the GigTricks PoS device, the user will be able to start sales at his physical location and clients will be able to pay for the course or any product or service using GigBit Tokens. Students will have to pass the skill exam at the end of the course, but the skills fees are already covered by the overall course fees. Furthermore, the training provider will earn international exposure and customers can verify the training provider ratings on the GigTricks platform.Freelancers or service businesses can also use the GigTricks Point of Sale devices to receive payment for the services rendered by them for any offline clients. Clients can pay for services or products using GigBit Tokens, and the sales ratings will also be recorded in GigTricks Blockchain for any offline orders. This will give the freelance and/or on-demand service businesses more credibility and will also boost their overall sales by bringing more orders into their profiles from offline sales.Using GigTricks Point of Sale device the clients will be able to pay via any crypto token such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, etc. The GigTricks Point of Sale will convert these currencies, by using 3rd party exchanges, into GigBit tokens.

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