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Access to funding for small enterprises in less economically developed and newly industrialized countries is extremely limited.

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2018-01-20 - 2018-02-25
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Banks often charge large interest premiums and use inappropriate loan assessment criteria for businesses in such localities. Traditional venture capital organizations often employ stringent criteria, which are rarely met by small organizations.

After recognizing the opportunity for such entities to connect with a growing currency system, Geneviève has brought cryptocurrency to small businesses and their communities in the form of Geneviève VC (GXVC).GXVC is a venture capital cryptocurrency that offers exposure of equity to its owners. Token sale proceeds are injected as seed capital into small businesses.

The financial analysis assesses investment feasibility. Investment ventures are selected democratically from a shortlist by token holders through Geneviève’s DAO. Investment returns are proportionally distributed quarterly to all token holders as dividends. GXVC will be tradable on the secondary market.

Geneviève VC is an ERC223 standard token with a total supply of 160,000,000, of which, 3 % will be retained by the team. All GXVC attained through the token swap will remain locked until the completion of the sale. The token sale is scheduled to conclude on February 25th.

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