Gemera (GEMA) Token Sale

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Team: 7

Feasibility: 6

Product: 6

Overall Rating: 6.33

Short Description: Crypto token backed by Colombian emeralds

Category: Investment

Category: Tokens Cryptocurrency

Ticker: $GEMA



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Gemera (GEMA) Token Sale

Gemera is a crypto-token backed by Colombian emeralds which provide a blockchain based platform where the tokens can be redeemed for physical emeralds. The project enables anyone to invest in Colombian emeralds by connecting producers and investors, without an intermediary, in a more democratic, accessible, fast, and transparent manner.

Gemera is made up of a group of entrepreneurs and reputable emerald producers who work together to drive innovation in the Colombian emerald industry. Gemera is also compromised on the development of social and environmental projects carried out in the emerald extraction process and the communities around the mines.

Token Sale Details

  • Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC, credit card
  • Price: 1 GEMA=1 USD
  • Hard cap: 30,000,000
  • Soft cap: 500,000
  • Platform: ERC20

      Token Sale Rounds

  • ICO: 9/10/18-12/12/18
  • KYC/AML required: Yes

For more information on $GEMA tokenomics, download pdf here.

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