Filmgrid (FILM) Token Sale

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Team: 6.8

Feasibility: 6.1

Product: 6.1

Overall Rating: 6.33

Short Description: A peer to peer technological solution for commerce, streaming and financing of independent films and series over the Internet

Category: Entertainment

Category: Tokens Cryptocurrency

Ticker: $FILM



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Filmgrid (FILM) Token Sale

Filmgrid is a blockchain platform for commerce, streaming, and financing of independent films and series over the internet. Of decentralized nature, Filmgrid removes all movie theaters and film distribution companies as intermediaries, allowing a fair distribution of profits among the films' creators, which at the same time allows for a reduction in cost for the public.

Decentralized Internet Film and Series Streaming

The platform is divided into two main segments: the "Billboard," a billboard showing the films registered in Filmgrid for sale; and the "Pitchboard," where film ideas and on-going film projects can seek financing. Each film or film project registered will have its individual page where all the relevant information can be found; this space can be used by the Creative Team to convince and sell their product to Users.

Token Sale Details

  • Token type: ERC20
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Available: 80% (40,000,000)
  • Minimum investment: 0.01 ETH
  • Maximum investment: 10.0 ETH
  • Price: 1 FILM=0.000016

      Token Sale Rounds

  • ICO: 11/16/18-12/31/18
  • KYC/AML required: Yes

For more information on $FILM tokenomics, view whitepaper here.

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