EveryCoin (EYC) Pre-Sale ICO

EveryCoin (EYC) Pre-Sale
Verified ICO

The new platform for people who are financially excluded from modern finance systems.

ICO Ended
2018-08-25 - 2018-12-25
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EveryCoin (EYC) Pre-Sale

The Aaron Platform is a new financial platform for people who are financially excluded from modern finance systems for a long time. We aim to spread the free financial accounts for all people around the world and make them exchange money freely.

By combining the POW agreement method with the DPOS agreement method — in which the delegated node receives contract authorization and transaction fee in contract execution — Aaron blockchain does not waste unnecessary power or time to generate blocks. And it does not need to wait for the new block to be mined.

Instead, the state change is authenticated and approved at any time by the agreement of the possible designated nodes. Individual chains can be customized. And sensitive business data can be stored and authenticated by the Aaron Guarantee Cloud service under strict security instead of being stored in an unspecified location.

Aaron Guarantee Cloud is responsible for asset and digital signature processing, but it is separated from the blockchain. It increases transaction speed and makes synchronization time shorter.

Total supply: 88,8000,000,000 EYC

Everycoin Miners (40%): 35,520,000,000 EYC

Token Sale (40%): 35,520,000,000 EYC

Company (9%): 7,992,000,000 EYC (frozen for 1 year)

Team (6%): 5,328,000,000 EYC

Advisor (3%): 2,664,000,000 EYC

Bounty (2%): 1,776,000,000 EYC

Token Sale (Ethereum ERC20)

Pre Sale 1: 1ETH = 100,000 EYC + Bonus: 40,000 EYC

Pre Sale 2: 1ETH = 100,000 EYC + Bonus: 25,000 EYC

ICO: 1ETH = 100,000 EYC

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Token Symbol: EYC

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