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Team: 6.9

Feasibility: 6

Product: 6

Overall Rating: 6.3

Short Description: Etherisc develops a protocol for decentralized insurance applications.

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Category: Tokens Cryptocurrency



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- Techcrunch July 2018, European Startup Awards: nominated for hottest blockchain project and hottest dapp.

- Best blockchain startup 2016- Blockchain Oscar 2017

- Insurtech shaper of the year 2017

- Most funded project at 2016

- Winner of ICO Summit Award (Zurich, 2017)- Part of Plug and Play Insurtech Accelerator

- Alumnus of AIA and Werk1 insurtech accelerators

Early Contribution Agreements:

- Currently (19.6): 4.5 Mio USD in Eth


- Ron Bernstein, General Manager Coinbase

- Ralf Glabischnig, Co-Founder Lakeside Partners, Crypto Valley

- Jake Brukhman, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at CoinFund LLC

What’s the Soft- and Hardcap?

We do not have a Softcap.

Hardcap is 30M USD.

Is there a minimum or maximum contribution?

The first phase of the ICO allows contributions up to individual limits and will last for 5 days until Saturday, 30th June, 15:00 UTC.The second phase will last until 23rd July, 15:00 UTC or until the hardcap of 30M is reached. In this phase, there is no individual cap.

Can I get a bonus?

Yes. As an Early Contributor, you can secure your allocation of DIP tokens and receive a bonus. You will get a 10% token bonus for locking up the tokens for one year. The first $10m of contributions, which are locked up, get an additional 15% bonus, so 25% is a maximum bonus to get now for signing an Early Contribution Agreement and locking up tokens. The minimum contribution amount for Early Contributors is 10 ETH.

Was there a presale?

For the Etherisc Token Sale, we decided not to do a presale. Token price and conditions are the same for all contributors. However, there were RSC tokens issued and sold as part of, a virtual hackathon in late 2016, which helped us finance Etherisc. RSC holders will be able to convert RSC to DIP after the Token Sale. Ratio is ~3.2 RSC for 1 DIP. We have allocated a total of 100M DIP (10% of total supply) to RSC holders.

Can I get into the private sale?

There is no private sale. We are collecting Early Contribution Agreements now before the Token Sale starts on 25th June 2018.

Do you already have Early Contribution Commitments?

Yes. As of today, the Decentralized Insurance Foundation received 50+ signed Early Contribution Agreements (ECAs) with a total amount of commitments of more than 4.5M USD (at the current ETH price).

Until when can I register to be whitelisted?

Contributors can register continuously. Participants, who successfully completed the registration 5 days before the Token Sale, are guaranteed to be whitelisted when the Token Sale starts. Further registrations will be processed every 24 hrs after the Token Sale start. Every next round will include registrations that are completed at least 24 hrs before the round. After the start of the Token Sale, we can not guarantee your registration is included in the whitelist because the hardcap can be reached before your registration is processed.

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