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Team: 6.7

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Product: 6

Overall Rating: 6.23

Short Description: A functional cryptocurrency for real markets based on ethereum revolution...DEVELOPS ETHEREUM REVOLUTION!

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Ethereum has revolutionary basics but it is not a real life currency. ETHEREUM SOLO aims to develop «Ethereum Revolution» and wants to create a big cryptocurrency based on Ethereum's strong idea.A BIG IDEA!The idea of the project is simple. There are such big markets like, and in which people trade real assets. ETHEREUM SOLO targets those markets via marketing campaigns and wants to be processed in them. So, SOLO will be a cryptocurrency that makes sense in real life.

THE POTENTIAL OF THE MARKETETHEREUM SOLO aims to be the biggest currency for big assets in Turkey. Because of this, SOLO targets respectively and the other ones. Sahibinden is one of the biggest asset markets in Turkey. There are over 950,000 real estates, 450,000 vehicles, 65,000 industrial equipment and 4.1 million other goods in Sahibinden. All of these goods worth more than $ 95 Billion!


There will be 4 periods of the project:

- The PreICO period (1 ETHEREUM SOLO = 0,0001 ETH)

- The ICO period (1 ETHEREUM SOLO = 0,0002 ETH)

- The biggest crowdsale period in Turkey (1 ETHEREUM SOLO = $ 5)

- The last chance periodPS. 2,000,000 ETHEREUM SOLOs (worth about $ 240,000) will be distributed to the top 20 participants after the PreICO period.


Till July, 29th

The PreICO period July 29 – September 29

The ICO period September, 2018

The advertising campaign period starts in Turkey October, 2018

The biggest crowdsale period starts. SOLO will be sold in Turkey (worth $ 5).November, 2018

Negotiations with the biggest markets in Turkey December, 2018

Joining in one of the most famous exchanges Q1, 2019

Creating the original ETHEREUM SOLO Wallet App (for iOS & Android)


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