EIPlatform ICO

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EIP platform is a decentralized marketing platform that allows participating Brands and Companies to understand, develop, forecast and monetize the Esports audience,conduct advertising campaigns, implement

ICO Ended
2018-06-18 - 2018-07-04
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

Audience will have access to budgets of Brands, and also, will be able to participate in the development of Esports infrastructure.The EMI token is a core component of the EIP ecosystem and is designed to facilitate all kinds of operations that make the token an integral part of the ecosystem and the driver for its economy. The EMI token is fractionally divisible, transferable and fungible. The token balances and transfers will be tracked by EIP. In the case of any force majeure, such as large token theft,contract compromise, or a disrupting change of Ethereum protocol, EIP may optto freeze token transfers and issue a new token contract with balances replacing that of the original token registry by certain date. In the case of an Ethereum fork,EIP will properly announce which branch it will support

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