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Short Description: The esports audience is growing at a tremendous rate.

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It is expected that in 2018 this industry will number more than 165 million people, as well as a huge number of brands and companies. According to a Deloitte report, esports will be the most promising sport for the next 5 years. Incredible growth does not eliminate problems. In the world of esports there are two key problems. They are interrelated and consist of: firstly the large costs of inefficient marketing campaigns, and secondly the lack of budgets for small beginner teams, streamers, medium and local tournaments. EIPlatform creates a decentralized ecosystem that allows Brands and Companies to receive unique content, as well as giving them access to an audience interested in accessing exclusive offers. EIPlatform is registered in Estonia. The official organization EIPlatform OU develops and applies cryptographic technologies with open source code for the needs of the ecosystem EIPlatform. The EIP platform is designed with the expectation of a high load. The main emphasis is on the speed of execution. Using a system of trusted nodes, the project implements one of the fastest consensus algorithms from the BFT group (HoneyBadger BFT, Zyzzyva and others), which will allow one thousand transactions to be performed per second. The virtual machine of smart contracts will work on the basis of the consensus algorithm. The status of the EIPlatform blockchain is planned to be synchronized with the most popular registers of smart contracts, including Ethereum. To secure smart contracts, it was decided to use the EMI token.The main stage of ICO EIPlatform will start on May 14 and will last until July 4.A total of 880 million EMI tokens have been issued, 85% of which are being sold during the token sale at a starting price of $ 0.10.The founders of EIPlatform have 15 years of experience in the Esports industry, and have created one of the most popular teams in the history of Esports – Team Empire.

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