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Short Description: eCoinomic is a digital services platform that bridges the gap between fiat currencies and crypto assets.

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What is eCoinomic?

It provides its users with opportunities for fiat investment, financial services, and transfers. The platform is based on the Ethereum ecosystem.

Minimum Contribution is 1 500 USD in crypto assets.

Accepted payment methods: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DASH, XMR, BTG, ETC, NEO ICO Terms Minimum Contribution is 200 USD in crypto assets. We may ask you to pass KYC in order to participate in eCoinomic token sale.Token ICO price: 1 CNC = 0,05 USD Bonus depends on the contribution amount.The rapid growth of the value of digital assets creates a dilemma for their owners:on the one hand they require funds for business development / renewal of miner hardware / improvement of their living conditions, on the other hand they seek to preserve their cryptocurrency hoping to increase its value significantly and in a short time.

Selling cryptocurrency for short-term cash withdrawal and then repurchasing it becomes a risky and unprofitable measure due to high volatility and commissions of intermediaries. Getting a loan in cash requires time for considering an application, collecting additional documents, assessing the collateral or presenting a surety. Ultimately, the bank may deny the loan due to an inadequate or unfavorable credit history.

Collateral loans for fiat lender

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