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Team: 6.2

Feasibility: 6.3

Product: 6.3

Overall Rating: 6.27

Short Description: Introducing Dysnomiaa leading digital signage platform with a goal to improve the quality of global advertising service. We offer solutions that provide a comprehensive digital signage integration service. With the aid of our technology, customers will be able to experience a convenient and speedy cloud-based service. We will use the blockchain technology and an interactive interface to ensure a smooth advertising experience.Digital signage solutions are being used by most business owners today as a means of outshining competitors. Dysnomia uses digital media signage to reduce cost and waiting time as compared to other traditional methods of content printing that can be updated anytime.Our solution attracts the attention of audiences and customers as people are more likely to pay attention when news and other information are being displayed. Dysnomia offers a solution that engages customers at the point of sale and it serves as a great means of interacting with customers. You can consider Dysnomia platform as an entertainment medium where customers are constantly waiting to be served.Most advertising organizations are often affected by the poor arrangement of geographical location, uneven quality and the waste of time and money while transmitting information. Dysnomia gives you the opportunity of controlling what is displayed as you will be given the opportunity to display important information based on your desire.With the aid of blockchain technology, we will provide a wide range of tools that can help to ensure a more stable and secure platform because of the immutable nature of blockchain. Blockchain technology will help in the area of fingerprinting and registration to ensure user verification. Users will also be able to trade directly with each other and the peer to peer nature of blockchain technology will give users the opportunity to trade advertising space on billboards.Our platform offers digital signage displays that lighten up the atmosphere and make them look more attractive. This is the perfect solution if you want a unique atmosphere. We offer a great way of marketing as a team and we ensure effective communication with messages between customers. With the aid of our technology, you will be able to display anything you like ranging from news channels to photographs and twitter feeds.Dysnomia is one of the greatest digital signage companies that is available globally and we provide digital level software solutions to both small and large organizations.

Category: Media

Category: Tokens Cryptocurrency

Website: https://dysnomia.top/

Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fIMrGgjlRmkFX2IgUwiD0WZkWQML4_pk/view?usp=sharing

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