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Team: 6.1

Feasibility: 6

Product: 6

Overall Rating: 6.03

Sale Type: ICO

Name: DOME

Short Description: Hello I am really happy to introduce our existing new project.We introduce DOME a decentralized on-demand service platform in a communications network connecting callers to a service resource platform implementing specialized services.

Category: Communication

Category: Tokens Cryptocurrency



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The DOME ecosystem provides communication and digital tools.It’s a decentralized architecture made of smart contracts ERC20 secured by the ethereum blockchain. A decentralized organization governed by the community whose sole purpose is to act as a digital jurisdiction. DOME purpose is to change the way of doing business, it will upgrade the centralized system used now and suited for the individuals and the businesses. DOME is a totally new platform with a different business model based on the exclusion of intermediaries, and the automation of all the processes. Implementing smart contracts will provide a more effective, safe, and convenient interaction between users, experts, affiliates, and the platform itself. This ground-breaking system will provide the users various opportunities to increase their revenue. We are confident you will grasp all the potential of the DOME solution due mainly to its scalability and its creativity. We are launching our token sale in just a few days.visit our website to really experience our system. We will keep you updated with all new developments.

Project Name : DOMEVENTURE

Description : a decentralized on-demand service resource platform

Main Website :

Logo :

CEO Name : Pascale Henry

Whitepaper :

Twitter :

Facebook : :

Telegram :

Medium :

Youtube :

Accept Coins : ETH & BTC

Wallet ICO : Multisig ETH & BTC

Type : ICO

ICO Start date : 20 March 2018

ICO End date : 3 April

Token Name : DOME

Token Symbol : DOM

Max Token Supply : 100 000 000

Discount : 1st 30% - 2th to 3th 20% - 4th to 6th 10% - 7th to 11th 5% - 12th to 15th 0%

Contract Address :

Fundation : 25 000 000

Team : 10 000 000

Bounty : 5 000 000

Investor : 60 000 00060 000 000 DOM tokens will be divided and distributed amongst all participants after the contribution period ends Each participant will receive an allocation proportional to the amount they contributed, relative to the total collected. 10 days from the time the contribution period ends to receive DOM.

# Participation Bounty :

Please do not hesitate to complete the bounty form to join us when we release our project on the different networks. Each participant will have a return matching his personal investment.Don't hesitate to mention the most interesting information possible on your social network profile. It will allow us to filter rapidly the opportunists. Each profile will be checked thoroughly. Profil Participation Bounty :

Translation Blogs & news websites Community Manager Social Media Signature and Avatar Communications Campaign Bug Bounty Business Proposal

Before the token distribution, our team will study your profile to assign you the the best suited function based on your capacities and your specialties. You will be notify by mail of our decision (accepted or refused) and of the bounty amount you have earned. You will be able to consult our campaign participants on line if you prefer. The DOMEVENTURE TEAM is looking for :

- Community manager for the investors workflow management.

- Demonstrator over 18 years old to play the expert role on webcam broadcasting and chat with the investors. Role playing on our main demo.Please complete our application form very thoroughly. Fluency in English is a pre requisite.

PS : We invite you to sign up for the bounty, and promote our activity. If you are interested, a return of interest will be attributed to you in BTC or eth, as well as DOM tokens.Nothing will be given before the crowdsale. Cordially. PS : We invite you to sign up for the bounty, and promote our activity. If you are interested, a return of interest will be attributed to you in BTC or eth, as well as DOM tokens. Nothing will be given before the crowdsale.

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