DANS – Decentralised Advertising Network Service

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Team: 6.1

Feasibility: 6.3

Product: 6.3

Overall Rating: 6.23

Short Description: DANS - Decentralised Advertising Network Service Team is working together on a revolutionary solution that will make advertising delivery and placement effective and easy.

Category: Business Services

Category: Tokens Cryptocurrency

Website: https://dan-service.com/

Whitepaper: https://dan-service.com/whitepaper.pdf?pdf=whitepaper-en

We are focused on making advertising easy, straightforward, intuitively simple to produce and fast to delivered, as well as to increase the adverts conversion rate. Each year advertising conversions rate is decreasing due to many factors, such as, ad blockers, and competitive market players, we encourage advertisers and customers using our solutions for advertising.Our goal is to create a decentralized platform for exchanging advertising. The main differences from existing projects, there are unique channels and methods of placement.We see that the usual offline advertising and banner advertising on sites and contextual advertising goes to the background.While advertising in social networks as well as activity in them is becoming more effective. But we do not agree that all the profits should be received by mega-holdings, such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc., it's at least dishonest. That's why we want to reward those who make the content.In this way we make the basic rates for such promotion channels:

1. Chat bot for FB Messanger / Whatsapp / WeChat / Viber / Telegram.The owner of the community can add a chat-bot to them, which will automatically place ads on the platform.

2. The owner of the video channel on such resources as Youtube, etc. will be able to download a video clip to our platform, and it will automatically insert advertising content through an easy video editing, according to the specified parameters (count, gap, tags, cost from and to, etc.).

3. Hidden branding.The publisher can take tasks from our platform to advertise their brand, and he himself can not post advertising content himself. In this case, the advertiser will need to.

4. Advertising in VR.The developer of VR applications puts hot-points, in which the advertising content from our platform will be automatically placed.

5. As additional channels of advertising, we consider various applications - headings, catalogs, reference books. For example, a guide to the city. Which, in addition to displaying the results for the given parameters, will output additional advertising content, by type as contextual advertising in search engines.The whole system will work on our DANS token, which erases the boundaries in international mutual settlements. Chat bots will use AI, which will greatly improve the communication of requests.

Crowdsale will be hosted to rise funds for DANS project development and promotion. Crowdsalewill be conducted using Etherium smart contracts.The launch is scheduled for July 2018 and will end up August 30, 2018, or when the limit of 40000ETH will be reached.Only ETH are accepted. The Address will be announced few days prior to the Crowdsale event.The Exchange Rate1 ETH = 900 DANS

There will be also a 30 % bonus for the First Day participants. (1 ETH = 1170 DANS) and 15% forthe First Week participants (1 ETH = 1035 DANS)Tokens can be send right after the Crowdsale is finished.

The Crowdsale campaign objective is to rise 40 000 ETH. Tokens will be available once the 40 000ETH amount is reached.

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