Dank Signals (DANK) ICO

Dank Signals (DANK)
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Dank Signals ecosystem is tasked with solving the problem of user interaction with cryptocurrency exchanges. Dank Signals is a traders knowledge hub which was built

ICO Ended
2018-04-20 - 2018-06-15
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During our platforms evolution, we have discovered there is far more demand for educational courses, easy to use automated trading tools, and a social platform to connect users whenever they like, rather then leaving everyone to fend for themselves with data that not everyone can understand.

Accepted currencies – BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, DGB

We are unique as we currently already provide our trading bot services on live markets for the public, not a demo display product.

Important Dates:

Private Sale (0.01USD/token)- April 20th – May 4th
Pre-sale (0.03usd /token)- May 11th-May 18th
Public sale round 1 (0.04usd /token) May 19th – May 25th
Round 2  (0.05usd /token)- May 26th to June 1st
round 3 (0.06usd /token) June 2nd to June 8th
round 4 (0.07usd /token)- June 9th – June 15th

Dank Signals is Looking to Level the Crypto Playing Field

Dank Signals (DANK) is a growing token staking/generation investment platform. The token and platform behind it are a response to the widespread desire for regular people to bank millions trading cryptocurrency. When many people think of crypto, they imagine cashing in coins for a Ferrari. But, as many find out, the reality is much tougher and many enter with stars in their eyes and leave discouraged. The crypto world is saturated with aggressive traders who are well informed. Not to mention, the market is teeming with scams and pump-and-dumps as can be seen by example recently created by the SEC.

Dank Signals is looking to remove this knowledge gap, hedge a crypto trader against risk through a investment community and artificial intelligence to help bridge the learning curve on executing trades and mastering market swings. The platform has trading lessons, simulation modes to test out the market free of risk and direct one-on-one help from analysts. This is the TESTNET function and allows for a live-market analysis of an algorithm and strategy, which is extremely rare in the crytpto world. Essentially, Dank Signal is looking to be a one-stop show knowledge hub for every level of crypto trader.

The Dank Signals IPO is live from May11th until the 18th set at an exchange rate of $0.03 with a minimum transaction of $10.00. traders can buy with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and DigiByte. The token itself is an ERC-20 standard-based Ethereum token with a maximum supply of 25 billion tokens released with an initial supply of one hundred millions tokens locked for 1.5 years

After funding their Dank Singals account through Dank token, users get access to the platform where they can make revenues in a number of different ways. First, dank users can buy and sell coins or tokens. Next, users can lease Dank Signals automated trading tools to use on their personal Bittrex account. Third, Dank Signal users can lend out their own trading tools for a licensing fee. Lastly, referrals earn users Dank Signal tokens.

Diving a little deeper, the way it works is your investment is turned into DANK tokens and upon opening your dashboard you have access to the community, a chance to earn dividends from other experienced trader by investing in their trades or lease other strategies. Then, when the vesting period has completed, traders can withdraw or renew their tokens.

One of the more interesting aspects of the platform is the chance to employ algorithms and tested AI trading tools. According to the company whitepaper, you purchase a leasing option within the Bot Operations to gain access, connect your account and configure your trade settings. Users then have the option to choose from a wide range of trading parameters and utilize many available trade tools. You can select from BTC, ETH, or USDT markets on any coin available on the chosen exchange. Once set up, our artificial intelligence trading bots will go to work on the coins utilizing the settings you select.

Dank Signals (DANK) is a conglomerate of traders and platform with multiple token generating apparatus built into it. Furthermore, the platform is practical for beginners who want to glean some info from experts and also a way for experts to gain some money back off the strategies they are implementing. DANK predicts users with 2,500 in DANK tokens can earn $237.50 per month over 12 months with a consistent token price of $0.095. This is an interesting revenue model and traders in the community should stay alert for more information.

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Token Symbol: DANK

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