Cleyond (CYO) Token Sale ICO

Cleyond (CYO) Token Sale
Verified ICO

Global plastic waste – and its solution. Waiting to scale.

ICO Ended
2018-09-19 - 2019-01-15
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

Cleyond (CYO) Token Sale

This token will help the team at Cleyond AG spread their technology globally and do the necessary research to create more use cases.

Use A: Make licensing available globally

“How can we make sure that this important innovation can contribute globally within the shortest amount of time possible?” We think it is not by building plants of our own in other continents, but rather by enabling engineers there to use our technology. A CLEAN LOOP license will allow and enable to set up a high-quality recycling plant wherever in the world it is needed to reduce the waste of waste. Our engineers will help the teams on-site to make it work.

Use B: Develop even more use cases

At the very moment, CLEAN LOOP can be used on a special kind of plastic waste – so-called “post-production waste” (such as leftover compound foil). However, there is a huge potential to adapt the CLEAN LOOP technology to split and up-cycle other kinds of waste such as plastic-coated paper or PET/PA (i.e. plastic bottles) leaving less and less material for the wave of waste.

Token Economics​

Each CYO token is basically a part of a future license. This license will allow and enable B2B clients all over the world to make use of cleyonds cleantech solution. To buy one of those licenses, a licensee has to pay 750.000 CYO. The value of the license is calculated vs.”Time to ROI” (a normal industry standard) and therefore might evolve over time.

CYO token adds to your personal legacy

CYO token is not any token; it is THE token that will take care that via blockchain your contribution to this vital solution will be visible forever.

It’s a branded token.

As soon as you reserve your CYO tokens, you can already choose your personal slogan and the branded name (i.e. maybe choose the name of your business). You might dedicate it to someone and/or send an important message to the world that stays even when you should be gone one day.

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