CyberSmart coin

Our Analysis

Team: 6.9

Feasibility: 6

Product: 6

Overall Rating: 6.3

Short Description: Profit-sharing coin. We accept Bitcoins .*CyberSmart has a strong team of cryptographers , programmers , ethical hackers ( see CYBERSMARTDEFENCE.COM ) traders , stock brokers , forex and crypto-traders, technicians and web-designers . The team is growing every week and is loyal to stay for few good years in this project *We share profits ...we promise air-drops and bonuses every 15-20 days *We profit from trading every day using intelligent SIGNALS ( our team of day-traders )*We profit from our ROBOTS ( we own few trading-bots ...Profit Trailer , Haas-Bot )*We profit from the Arbitrage Alerts ( our senior brokers are trading and hedging this transactions )*We profit from mining and creating MASTER-NODES on most efficient coins (our technicians and engineers are doing this already )*We profit from CYBERSMARTDEFENCE ( A world-class ethical hackers team with a non-replaceable hacker mindset and years of penetration testing and IT security experience )*We will profit from the fees from our own CYBER-EXCHANGE ( crypto trading platform )*You profit 4% if you refer a friend and 2% for indirect referral ( just 2 lines )*You will be rewarded generously with BONUSES and frequent AIR-DROPS We always search for " METHODS OF MAKING MONEY "We constantly buy TIPS and METHODS of MAKING MONEY and we implement the most efficient ones. WE SHARE THE PROFITS WITH YOU.We have the ambition to make our coin faster in transfer , cheaper in fees and easier for retailers to sale their products and servicesOur team and our "money making machines " have a "high frequency SCALPING " mentality .

Category: Investment

Category: Tokens Cryptocurrency



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