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Short Description: Cyber Capital Invest is an online investment fund platform, aimed at people who would like to trade on the cryptocurrency market but due to a lack of experience or skills, don’t know how to get started.

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Today Crypto Currency is becoming mainstream. As a result, the profits to be made from trading Cryptocurrency have become very well known, through friends, colleagues and the media. Stories of people turning a small piece of capital into exponential growth, a large nest egg, by investing in and trading Cryptocurrency. Although Crypto is becoming mainstream there is still an enormous amount of the population who don’t fully understand how it works and how to use it. People who don’t know how to setup a Crypto wallet, buy currency, read the market signs, in order to know when to trade. The Cyber Capital Invest mission is to offer our users the most flexible and secure cryptocurrency investment fund with a highly profitable business model.


1. User opens a new account.

2. User receives an ‘Access Level’ based on their deposit amount and period of investment. Basic Level - lower withdrawal limits + no identity documentation/KYC required. Silver Level - no withdrawal limits + light verification using a photo ID.
Gold Level - no withdrawal limits + full verification. The access level the User chooses determines the level of insurance they are automatically entitled to. For more details on this please read the Our USP/Problem 7 Solution.

3. User chooses an ‘Investment Plan’ (i.e. 7 day plan with 5% ROI yield).

4. User deposits capital into their account (i.e. $100).

5. User’s capital ($100) is now locked for the time period of the plan (7 days).

6. Users capital then gets transferred to a central investment pot.

7. Professional traders then utilize that capital to make trades.

8. At the end of the User’s Investment Plan (7 days) the User’s capital gets unlocked.

9. The User’s profit (5%) from their Investment plan gets paid into their wallet.

10. The User can now withdraw their original capital + their profit (totaling $105). Any additional profit generated from a User’s capital, above the agreed profit margin we pay them, is kept by Cyber Capital Invest. We distribute this additional profit between: Token Holders (30%) / Operating Budgets / Traders / Trading Capital Pot Increase We aim, with our platform, to offer Users the most flexible and safe way to profit from trading by:

- Enabling Users with small deposits to leverage being part of a collective investing group, with the skill of professional traders, to deliver stable rewards.

- Enabling trading transparency whilst being able to remain completely anonymous.

- Enabling buying and selling across multiple established exchanges (Gdax,, Poloniex, Kraken, Binance).

- Enabling multi currency deposits and withdrawals.

- Take no commission.

- Building in anti-fraud measures from the ground up.


Symbol: CCI

Platform: Ethereum

Total token supply: 250.000.000 CCI

Tokens for sale: 175.000.000 CC

The Cyber Capital Invest (CCI) token is erc-20 token.

CCI token is a security token which functions as a profit share for token holders. Every token holder will have a dashboard where they will be able to see:

• Their token quantity

• Statement of earnings

• Tokens rate on market

• Amount of total tokens purchased

• Token in circulation

All Token Holders get their profit share credited to their account on a weekly basis. All unsold tokens will be burned after crowdsale is finished. ICO funding objectives:

• SOFT CAP - 15.000.000 CCI ($1,500,000 - $3,000,000)

• HARD CAP - 175.000.000 CCI ($17,500,000 - $35,000,000)

Cryptos Accepted: ETH, BTC, XRP, BCH, LTC, DASH, ZEC

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