Curve Block (CBUK) STO Review

Our Analysis

Team: 9

Feasibility: 9.5

Product: 9

Overall Rating: 9.17


May 8, 2019 - May 14, 2019

Sale Type: STO

Name: Curve Block (CBUK)

Short Description: A p2p real estate development company

Category: Real Estate

Ticker: $CBUK



Hard Cap: $63,660,000

Soft Cap: $6,366,000

KYC/AML Required: yes

Whitelist Required: yes

Accepted Currencies:

  • $USD
  • £GBP
  • Allows independent real estate developers to display their projects
  • Improves access to project funding while eliminating low property appraisals/lending houses
  • Pays dividends/shares profits via Smart Staking Wallets and donates a portion of all profits to charity
  • Team has verifiable experience in both property development and blockchain technology

CurveBlock (CBUK) is a platform that allows users to invest in property development projects in exchange for a share of the profit. CurveBlock's platform allows independent real estate developers to display their projects worldwide, and allows investments from just about anywhere in the world.

Users' tokens are staked against all ongoing developments for continued passive income, but the exchange also provides liquidity for investors who need to cash out. All profits are paid via secondary stable coin to hedge against potential market volatility.

Allows small-scale/previously excluded players around the world to invest in projects and earn 

There are a number of problems currently facing the real estate development market, including:

  • Low property appraisals (and low home values)
  • Regulatory complexities
  • Failure to qualify for loans
  • Economic fluctuations

CurveBlock's approach to decentralizing the market and eliminating dependence on lenders through the use of smart contracts will simplify the real estate development process.

Democratized ecosystem provides financial benefits to token holders 

There are several ways for token holders to benefit from CurveBlock's platform. The ecosystem design ensures that dividend payments are confirmed at various points in a block's height on the ledger when a project becomes liquid.

The platform creates value for token holders in a transparent fashion by:

  • Paying direct dividends from every project completed
  • Bestowing voting rights for projects undertaken and charitable donations
  • Property ownership on the blockchain (not just via land registry)
  • Future Proof Development strategy
  • A multifunctional community wallet that shows all projects along with ROI
  • The platform's smart wallet allows for the storage of native tokens and dividend payments

Team has 117+ combined years of construction/development experience and 30+ years executive business experience 

CurveBlock's CEO/Co-Founder Gary Whitehead has over 20 years experience in all aspects of the construction industry, from commercial to agricultural developments, while Chief Revenue & Compliance Officer/Co-Founder Joey Jones is a former registered investment adviser with 37 agents around the world. Jones has also been working in the blockchain world since 2016. Roger Ransome, CTO, brings his computing experience from many years in corporate IT for several multi-national enterprises.

Token Sale Details

CurveBlock is conducting a security token offering.

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