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Team: 7

Feasibility: 6.2

Product: 6.2

Overall Rating: 6.47

Short Description: Cubomania is a blockchain-powered educational platform for children delivering content through the interactive robotic IoT toy.

Category: Education

Category: Tokens Cryptocurrency


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The platform will allow reliable transactions between content creators and customers, protection of intellectual property, a simple way of using the latest technologies for content creation. The Cubomania eco-system consists of 4 main elements:

1) CuboBuddy, a robotic educational IoT toy, is the first element of the Cubomania blockchain eco-system. The main purpose of the toy is to provide complex interaction between a user and an AI-based character with integrated educational programs. A set of sensors, engines, microcontrollers and other elements of the toy will allow a child to explore the outside world, learning a wide range of easy and complex things from learning letters to basics of robotics.

2) CuboApp is a mobile application that connects the source of educational content on the blockchain and the CuboBuddy educational toy. CuboApp can also be used for accessing educational content independent of the toy, which can be regarded as an extension of the CuboApp.

3) CuboStore and Cubo Workshop are the key elements of the eco-system. Blockchain mechanics combined with the platform interface will ease the process of content creation and distribution as well as grant content creators maximum protection of their intellectual property.

4) CuboCore Operating System is an operating system for robotics and IoT devices with built-in educational programs that can be installed on any kind of IoT based devices: drones, toys, robot constructors. CuboCore provides full integration with the Cubomania educational platform.

Agreement between prospective students and content providers will be attained with the least possible involvement of intermediaries through Ethereum-based smart contracts.We accept BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, BCH

Token name - Cubo

Hardcap - 38100ETH

KYC - yes

Cubo token will provide access to the Cubomania game-based learning platform, discounts for IoT cubes, a means of payment between creators of educational content, partners and participants of the platform, a reward in the incentives program for daily activities performed by a learner. Milestones: 2018 Q2Educational platform beta release, CuboCore ™ ROS early stage development, Production line establishment2018 Q3 Scheduled Launch of the Cubomania educational platform, Development of distributions channels, Education AI based assistant BETA release2018 Q4 CuboBuddy sales start in Japan, China, Europe, the UAE2019 Q1 Education AI based assistant launch2019 Q3 CuboCore ™ ROS Beta release2019 Q4 Release SDK for robot developers2020 Q1 CuboCore ™ ROS Launch eventThe competitive advantages of this business project are its market attractiveness by virtue of using the blockchain technology, blue ocean of online pre-school and school education market, the demand for IoT-smart toys and the high competitiveness of goods. Cubomania seeks to decentralize the education industry by connecting teachers, parents and students worldwide with the blockchain solution. The cost of Cubomania will have an explosive growth following the growth of e-learning market, which is forecast to surpass 243 billion U.S. dollars by 2022.

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