Crypton VC ICO

Crypton VC
Verified ICO

Crypton is a tokenized venture capital fund investing in promising FinTech / Blockchain projects, and other cryptocurrencies / ICOs.

ICO Ended
2018-04-27 - 2018-06-09
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

For projects with tokenization features, we will provide additional financial acceleration by launching separate ICOs. Crypton token holders will receive 30% of digital assets (tokens) from the pool of each subsequent ICO which will be launched by Crypton fund. We help monetize interesting projects based on our strong investment and business experience. We want to provide full support for investors on still uncertain and unregulated market of Blockchain- based projects.

Why Crypton VC?

The projects based on Blockchain offer many opportunities to investors, but most of these projects fail, do not reach the announced results and have many imperfections like: defraudation, over-financed projects, lack of transparency. Investors joining these projects do not receive any guarantees. All these inconveniences cut off a large group of investors who would like to potentially invest in a chosen projects. Crypton VC can solve these problems and offer compelling advantages such as transparency in DAO model, investment experience and sustainable management. The main advantages of the Crypton VC-Professional team with investment experience in projects from the FinTech / Blockchain area-Defined, professional portfolio of FinTech and BlockChain investment proposals-Investments in other ICOs, but after deep, multi-faceted analyzes-Experience in the area of FinTech, which underlies the idea of cryptocurrencies: we have a team of 250 FinTech experts, financial companies and many successful investments in FinTech projectsBenefits for Crypton VC token holders

-Quarterly payment of dividends via buy-back of CRN tokens

-The right to vote on subsequent investment proposals-Receipt of tokens from running ICOs for portfolio projects

-Access to exclusive Pre-ICOs with high discounts.

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