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Team: 6.8

Feasibility: 6.5

Product: 6.5

Overall Rating: 6.6

Short Description: Crypto Central Exchange is a 4.0 AI Decentralized Exchange supported by the Neo platform. It will use the Neo (NEP-5) platform to lower network fees to zero, the advantage this poses is the lowest fees of all exchanges, as well as the fastest and stable transaction speeds.CCX coin is an ERC-20 token used on the exchange to achieve a 50% discount on all transactions. This is very similar to the Binance token and Kucoin.Users will have the option to use CCX coin automatically during purchases in-person, as well as trading on the exchange, to receive a 50% discount on fees. All of this is done seamlessly using our proprietary AI Neo platform.Exchanges have been notorious for not being able to handle high-demand, and with this comes lack of access to your funds due to site-wide overload. Our partnership with Neo ensures that the platform runs up to 10 times faster than other exchanges using our fibre-optic bandwidth servers.Security is our number one priority, our wallet uses multilayer AES256 encryption, offline storage in a banksafe, supported auditing by bank, identification controls and dynamic authentication.All holders of CCX will receive an equal amount of coins in our Neo fork, this is done automatically using our AI Network, and the additional coins will be transferred to their Neo wallet using our NEP-5 platform after announcement.Our platform will support Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo, LTC, CCX, and over 50 other crypto-currencies for instant Crypto-to-FIAT liquidity, CCX also supports micro coins as well, so there are options of liquidity for all users. Crypto Central Exchange brings you a fast and stable, decentralized all-in-one security focused platform for all users globally.

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