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Short Description: CryptoCashCow is a startup company that seeks to make it possible for everyone including those that are not capable financially, to be able to trade using cryptocurrency.

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CryptoCashCow will achieve this by distributing free tokens amongst all registered members. We believe that the current trend in the cryptomarket is comparable to a source of income and hence the CryptoCashCow concept. Members can use the free CryptoCashCow platform to produce theCryptoCashCow token abbreviated as CCC. The token has a basis ofthe ERC 20 Ethereum standard. The token will have listings on many exchanges to allow the CCC token holders to have the ability to participate and trade in any Crypto exchange they prefer.The platform has over 10 cash cows, each with different attributes, from which users can choose. The cows are categorized based on:

*The level the cow is in

*The number of coins the cow produces per hour

*The cow’s design such as iot Cover, HODL Cover , LAMBO Cover

*The cow’s model and its customization

Once the user has selected the cow of their choice the will start to produce CryptoCashCow token. The cows are free, however users can choose to buyer better tokens using the CCC token.Users can also create and personalize their own cows with colors and names of their preference. The number of cows an individual can own is not limited although in some instances there might be limits on the number of cows one can own on each level. Examples of cows available on the site are SCAMI Cow, RIP Cow, Muhnero Cow, and IOT Cow.The tokens are usable in upgrading the current cow that a user has. It is also usable in the purchase of any other cow on the platform. Tokenholders can also hold or withdraw the tokens to any of their private cryptwallets or even trade them on crypto exchanges.The platform has a cow farming concept whereby users can combine their cow’s performance in order to have a more effective production.They can design the farms according to their preference and share them to their social media pages.The first step is to register on our platform using e-mail and password. The next step is to choose one FREE cow or buy a better cow with CryptoCashCow token. After the buy process, the user gets this cow which will then start producing CryptoCashCow token. The user candecide how to spend these token.

Here are some possible options:

*upgrade the current cow

*buy an better cow

*withdraw token to a private wallet or exchange for trading or hodling

The user can also create his own personal cow with a custom name and color. Every user can have as much cows as they want. The number of total cows per level is limited.

Free Cows: Users will receive their first cows freely so that they can start producing tokens. Therefore, even investors without an initial investment can be able to participate in trading

Mine token: The platform allows users to be able to mine the CCCtokens. The token holders can then sell or trade the tokens on the various crypto exchanges. The platform will also provide an opportunity for users to learn about token mining and on how to trade their tokens.

Get easy information about crypto and blockcain via a game

Easy to improve your cows level and the token output

Based on a state of the art solution

Optimize your value-added synergies

Present your cow to your friends on social media

Get a crypto mooollionaire with CCC tokens

Join our side and get your own exiting CryptoCashCowJoin the next level in your cryptospaceCrypto makes fun every day


We are planning the go live of the platform between the beginning and the end of May 2018. In any case, we will announce it in good time. Until then, everyone can stock up with sufficient CCC tokens to get started with the best cows right away. CCC tokens can be sent directly to the platform!


In order to keep your cows as close as possible, we are planning a mobile app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. In the first step, you can use this to retrieve the overall status and the individual cow. So you have always been well informed.


You want to trade your cows? No problem with our marketplace that should be possible. Swap cows directly or against CCC tokens !!!


Create your own cow farm and combine the performance of your cows to produce more effectively. Increase your produktifität by up to 25% !!!!Design your farm according to your wishes and share them on the socialmedia.


More cows, much more cows !! We want to respond to your suggestions and implement as many individual cows as possible. There should be something for everyone! Together with you we would also achieve this goal!

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